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Penile Discharge, Doctors Baffled, Anti-biotics Ineffective

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet:

i have not been sexually active for years.

1: noticed itchy sensation inside the penis.
2: days later, a white/yellow discharge everyday all day
3: urine sample at doctor showed no signs of bacteria
4: anti-biotics ineffective
5: urine sample at different doctor showed no signs of bacteria, but white blood cell count abnormal
6: anti-biotics for chlamydia seemed to help - symptoms disappeared
7: urine sample at same doctor showed no signs of bacteria
7: but white blood cell count was greatly improved though not 100% so continued anti-biotics
8: two days left with anti-biotics. This morning, I noticed the all too familiar discharge
9: all this has taken place over the space of a month

this may be a co-incidence, but when I first noticed symptoms I had a standard cold (ya know, flu type thing not bad) that I got over in about 6 days. Pretty standard. Now, I have very mild cold symptoms.

What is wrong with me Question
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replied February 11th, 2007
Experienced User
Did the doctors say anything about yeast infection (yeah, guys can get them) or fungus?

Try to stay clean in the meantime.
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replied February 13th, 2007
No, the doctors did'nt say anything about a yeast infection.

How long should this slight discharge be going on for? This whole affair is approaching a little over a month now. Will my body heal itself?
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replied February 13th, 2007
It sounds like it could be non-specific urethritis (nsu). I had it for years, off and on. It is difficult to get rid of, but after trying several different anti-biotics, mine finally went away. You should ask your doctor about this possibility. Good luck.
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replied February 14th, 2007
Experienced User
Well, if it is an infection your body should heal it but it probably needs help since you haven't shaken it yet.

If it's a yeast infection talk to your doctor about it and possibly using otc female yeast infection creams.

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria which help in killing bad bacteria. You can apply plain yogurt externally to help. Internally, you could take a probiotic which will make sure you have enough beneficial bacteria in your body which will help with digestion, food assimilation and immune system.

Otherwise, for immunity and infection fighting there are several supplements that can help..

Colloidal silver (can also be used externally)
oreganol (oregano oil)
vitamin c

sounds like an infection to me (bacterial or otherwise), especially since your white cell count changed. You can take all of the supplements above together safely and can use colloidal silver and yogurt externally as well. Avoiding sugar also helps your body's immunity. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes too.
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