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Jaw Pain Still After Having Cavity Drilled?

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One week ago today I had two relatively deep cavities filled on my back teeth on the left hand side of my mouth - back tooth on top and bottom. The procedure from start to finish, including the novocaine time, took almost two hours. But afterwards I was fine. Came home, ate a few hours later with no pain whatsoever.

The last couple days I started to notice some real dull and very minor left jaw pain near the junction of the left jaw bones. This is only noticeable towards the end of the day, say after 7 pm or so when I get home. I take a couple tylenol and am fine. When I wake up I have no pain at all and nothing bothers me during the day when i'm at work the teeth that were filled have been fine, there is no pain and I am not sensitive to any foods or temperatures.

I'm a little confused as i've read elsewhere that this type of jaw pain may be a common problem that could take a few weeks to dissipate while others seem to worry its something to go back right away on. Again i've had no tooth aches at all and no sensitivity since the fillings, just the jaw pain.

I also had started wearing a nightguard (doctors nightguard) a month or so ago, a couple weeks prior to the fillings. Dont think this is having an affect on anything but wanted to mention it.
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replied February 16th, 2009
You had it real easy. I still have severe pain and tingling in jaw, ear, tooth, and even head in result of getting my cavities filled. Your dentist must be a great dentist if you had little to no pain whatsso ever. Just let your dentist know whats wrong with your jaw, it may just take days to heal. Not sure about me though.
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