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Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Most people, especially women, are almost always conscious of their over-all appearance. Some women are notorious with keeping up with their daily routine of hygienic grooming or facial regimen, let alone dieting

the notions of being beautiful had evolved through time. It was during the renaissance period where being fat or curvy had been the trend and was deemed as beautiful. Skinny women then had been looked upon with pity for being unattractive.

But it was during the late 20th century when being-pencil thin had been the rage are being offered the best part for modeling shows and stints.

Still, there are some women today who are into being physically fit, that is, they go through great lengths to be able to live a much healthier lifestyle. Being physically fit mean loosing the excess fat or pounds ...
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First Helper princessnae

replied May 3rd, 2007
Taking amphetamines is probably the easiest way to lose weight. The most fun too.
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replied May 7th, 2007
Experienced User
Not True.
I do not appreciate giving advice on drugs in this forum.

The best way to lose weight is through exercise and eating healthy.
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replied May 20th, 2007
Princess is 100% correct.

If you want something to supplement your exercise and dieting routine check out carb blocker, CLA, Rhodiola, HCA, and the trim advantage pack at

These are all time tested and proven products that you wont find sitting by the register at your local drugstore with all the other "As seen on TV" junk.
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replied June 1st, 2007
Drink lots of water and keep yourself busy.


Hummer Parts and Accessories
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replied February 7th, 2015
Drink loads of water, eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and if you're having trouble with losing that extra fat may i recommend x-slim. Always consult a doctor! Good luck.
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