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Clinical Relevance of Hiv Drug Resistance Testing

Hiv-1 drug resistance is a significant factor for treatment failure and drug susceptibility testing is recommended by u.S. And european treatment guidelines, however, the interpretation of resistance test results remains a challenge. An urgent need for a more standardized interpretation of resistance test results in the clinical setting and in the drug development process has been identified. A standardized approach for a clinical database derived definition of drug resistance for each individual drug requires extensive collaboration across academia and industry. In addition, issues related to standardization and quality assurance of technologies and reimbursement need to be addressed.
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replied February 8th, 2007
Re:clinical Relevance of Hiv Drug Resistance Testing
I personally feel that very little has been done towards the development of hiv-1 drug resistance. Since hiv is a global problem today more research work should have been done and a huge expenditure made by people of us and the government of us has very little significance. A facts have been revealed by john josefson in his book “with a license to kill” (presently available at http://www.Lulu.Com/content/587718 and also at amazon and barnes & noble with isbn no. 978-1-84753-026-4 ).
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