I recently became sick with mono.. My boyfriend and I are "taking a break, but not being with anyone else" after being together for 2 1/2 yrs.. Well, we got together a couple weeks ago and I kissed him goodnight.. Then I became sick.. I'm worried he has been with other people and is lying to me... I've never gotten sick from kissing him any other time and he is not showing any symptoms, but I know he could be a carrier because of someone else he's kissed. So, my question is what are the chances he's lying and I got it from him because he's been messing around? Or is it possible to have gotten it from work.. I'm a mail carrier, but I don't come in contact with too many people, I mostly handle mail that has been touched by a number of people before coming to me.
Also, one more question, is it possible to get it again?
Thanks for any help.
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replied February 1st, 2007
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I have heard that mono issomething that some of us have with in us already and that it could be triggered by just catching the common cold. I am not completly sure of this it is something that I had heard through the ladies that I work with becasue a few of them had come down with it. They only nick named mono the kissing disease because it is highly contagious once you do have it and coming in contact by sharing anything that has been touched by saliva by the contaiminated person. I am surely not deffending your boyfriend but if he is not showing symptoms of it then there could be possibility that you had got it from somewhere else. Your best bet would be to ask your doctor about it and find out if your boyfriend should be tested as well.
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