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New Meds For Me

I,m at the cleveland clinic and they are putting me on some new meds for my condition. They are coumadine and sotalol. Any one else take thes meds.
They are keeping me for the weekend to moniter me and see how the meds are going to work for me.
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replied January 31st, 2007
Re:new Meds For Me
I think you mean "coumadin" --aka warfarin, which is a blood thinner. If that is the case, you will need to get your blood taken about once a month to make sure your "thinness" stays within the safe range of 2-3 (2.5 being the target number).

Sotolol is a beta-blocker that has stronger antiarrhythmia properties than any other --kind of a hybrid. It works very well for a lot of people but has similar side effects of other beta-blockers: fatigue, lack on concentration, etc.

Both have been around for a long time and should work quite well for you. There is no new meds developed by the pharmaceutical companies to best of my knowledge and the fact has been rightly pointed out by john josefson in his book “with a license to kill” ( presently available at http://www.Lulu.Com/content/587718 ).
Take care and keep us posted.
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