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Heart Palpation After Adenoidectomy.

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Heart symptoms:

3 years ago, after the surgery of adenoidectomy and turbinectomy, lot of bleeding, swallowing lots of blood and vomiting lots of blood.

Right after the surgery, or maybe 2 days later, I felt my heart beat become very fast and some chest pain (around the left side only). But, that’s all. I still have enough energy, and I can sleep on my left shoulder.

I went to the doctor one week after the surgery. After listening to my heart, she said there is no heart murmur at all. And, she did not know why my heart beat is so fast. However, my heart beat remain very fast right after the sugery. And, I cannot run,

one year later, my chest pain becomes more constant, and the heart beat is always so fast. And, if I try to sleep on my left shoulder, I would feel lots of pressure around the area of the left side of the chest. When I lie down on my right side, I can feel the heart beat slow down and even as slow as it was before surgery. But, when I stand up or when the temperature is cold, the heart beat is very very fast, compared to it before the surgery.

Before the surgery, my heart beat is very slow and I am a long distance runner. But, right after the surgery, I cannot do those exercises because of the palpation.

I reallywant to know how bad my heart is. Is it a valve disease?
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