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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....i Remember When...

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I remember when a couple of years back when I was absolutely obsessed with ttc.
I was charting, temp, taking clomid and bd
all the time.
It was tooooooo much and the fun was gone.
I remember one night my dh came home from work and before he even took his jacket off he said
" honey is there an x on the calendar because I just can't do it!!"
i told him he was the only married man on the planet that complained about getting it too much. :p
we laughed and decided it was getting out of control and took a break for awhile. Now that we are trying again, we are keeping at the fun stage and not work like it became before.
There is a fine line between sometimes.
Have a great weekend everybody & baby dust to all!! :d
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replied January 28th, 2007
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I agree there is a fine line. I think we might be pretty close to that line right now. It's harder to capture the sponteneity and passion when it's planned.

I don't think we get too crazy, because we don't stress about skipping the nights when we were busy with other things. Of course, we do try to keep from going too long during my fertile times.

I read that you're supposed to bd every other day when ttc even when you're not fertile. Outside of the fertile times, we don't plan. We do it when we feel like it.
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