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Smoking Is Actually Very Good For You - the Evidence

Tobacco the definative link in healthy aging.
it is a fact, all of the world's oldest living people are classified as chain-smokers[1]. A few of them drink daily[2], one of them even smokes marijuana[3]. As a researcher by profession, posed with these facts, I have done much searching for the exact reasons why tobacco, among other taboo things, may be good for you.. This article is meant to explain that which I have found in a non-partison fashion.
The pro's: tobacco
nicotine in tobacco is analogous to vitamin b3 (niacin) [4] the discovery of vitamin b3 was through tobacco research, and nicotine (nicotinic acid) is also present in foods such as tomato, spinach, eggplant. The brain contains receptors designed to receive nicotine specifically. As it also contains special receptors called "cannibinoid receptors, these receptors are affected by chocolate and marijuana in a very similar fashion. Vast quantities of chocolate is known to produce a "marijuana like high". It is not a surprise that the worlds oldest documented person consumed 2 pounds of chocolate a week. [5] tobacco tar is known to swedish researchers to actually prevent lung cancer, protect against the damaging effects of asbestos, and cure asthma. I will provide the references to all of these studies upon request. Some of them will be readily available here [6] an hiv-positive british man tested negative to hiv after visiting native american shamans in the amazons. He is reported to have drank on 6 different occasions a tobacco-based "beer" produced by the shamans. I had read this story years ago and am unable to find it again, if anyone does come across this please let me know at [email protected]
the cons: tobacco
a person is logged as a premature smoking death no matter what age he dies, including the worlds oldest living people, meaning that if you smoke and die of any disease you will feed the junk statistics paid for by the pharmaceutical companies which attempt to brainwash people into thinking that smoking is bad for them [10]. They do this so that you will succumb to disease and be dependent on medication, be dependant on nicotine patches, and not live long enough to sustain an ample amount of retiremant checks. All research that shows tobacco is bad is paid for by pharmaceuticals, we can only trust the truth, all of the worlds oldest living people were smokers[1], nicotine is a vitamin [4], smoking cures a wide array of diseases[6]. Most tobacco today is polluted with harmful chemicals, however there is organic/natural tobacco available on the market. The damage posed by dangerous chemicals added to tobacco is actually shown by new studies claiming that marijuana smoking is not linked to lung cancer [11]. The obvious explanation being that marijuana is typically not treated with such chemicals.
The pro's: alcohol
some of the worlds oldest living people were considered "moderate drinkers". Moderate drinking means 1-3 glasses of alcohol a day. The queen elizabeth lived 100 years drinking gin cocktails and smoking cigarettes daily. "unfiltered" beer is chalk full of b-vitamins, it is known as "liquid bread".[8] moderate drinking is known to provide over 50 different health benefits[9].
The cons: alcohol
most alcohol on the market is cheap and shitty (no reference needed). Filtered beer is crap, most alcohol is polluted with preservatives and chemical flavorings. For a good drink, buy quality gin that has been distilled at least 3 times. I.E. "bombay sapphire", mix it with all natural tonic water and squeeze some grapefruit juice into it. Or try drinking unfiltered beer for a real health experience.
read my sources, light up, have a drink, encourage your children to smoke.
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2:biography of madame jeanne calment http://www.Biogs.Com/famous/calment.Html
3. 120 year-old woman claims smoking pot every day is her secret to long life. Http://clipmarks.Com/clipmark/bf42971b-82e d-4e28-ad4c-854caf51629b/
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11. Pot smoking not linked to lung cancer http://www.Entheology.Org/edoto/anmviewer. Asp?A=246&z=9
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First Helper JustApasserby

replied December 7th, 2009
oh my god. first of all you know an individual's "research" is not scholarly when they do not realize that "non-partison" is spelled with an A; not an O, and that it is not hyphenated. furthermore, you are an idi*t (apparently i cant say that word in a post) dandate. you claim that your approach is not biased however when you list the "pros of tobacco" you merely ramble on about the "junk statistics paid for by the pharmaceutical companies which attempt to brainwash people into thinking that smoking is bad for them". not biased? think again. i am a smoker and yes i too would argue that smoking has its benefits, such as temporary reduced stress, but if you told a doctor that smoking tobacco prevents lung cancer he would laugh in your face. it has been known for years that smoking causes lung cancer and actually increases the odds of experiencing harmful effects of asbestos. you're not a researcher, you're a joke!
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replied December 7th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
How can you you write this much and have no awareness of what the word carcinogen means? Yes smoking causes cancer, doesn't matter if you smoke filterless or menthol or rollies or pot. It's not some magical combination of chemicals it's breathing in a substance classified as a carcinogen, not complicated.

Also a huge amount of anti-smoking adds are paid for by class action lawsuits against cigerette companies from the people they have killed.
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replied December 7th, 2009
what are you talking about, smoking isnt good for you, my asthma got worse from smoking people everyday die from smoking, if thats healthy then i dont know what sick is
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replied December 21st, 2009
I was browsing looking for humidifier info and asthma. I noticed this entertaining post, and reflected that "trolling" is alive and well. That's just the posting of something deliberately designed to incense and invoke a deluge of rebuking postings. The original poster could fan the flames by continuing to post nonsense (if it worked in the original post, it works in the back-and-forth dialogue). Leads to flame wars and noise that crowds out the purpose of the forum. Unfortunately, ignoring the nonsensical original post is not an option, as it is represents condonement by silence. Sigh.
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replied November 28th, 2013
When you think about kissing someone who smokes think about licking a dirty ash tray.
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replied February 23rd, 2019
I dont think so that smoking is actually good for health.
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