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Plan B

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Recently me and my boyfriend started to have sex, and he pulled out. He was almost positive that he did not ejaculate, but it was our virst time trying something like that so to be safe I took the plan, I took the first pill exactly 12 hours after the incident and the second pill 12 hours after that. The plan b instructions said that I might have my period a week before the expected period, and I might see spotting before then, and my period may be heavy or lighter than usual. I thought that I had my period about a week and a half earlier because I saw some spotting and just a little blood, but that was just a couple min. Then a couple days after I did have my period a week earlier and it was very heavy! Worst period ive had. So it looks like everything happened that the plan b instruction said would. So should I worry about being pregnant ?
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replied January 26th, 2007
First off, if you're worried take a test.

Second off, there are hundreds of sperm contained in pre-ejaculation. Pregnancy is still possible using the "pull-out" method. Not a great choice of birth control(which it is), if you don't want to end up pregnant.

Thirdly, the plan b isn't 100%.

I can't say if you are pregnant, but to ease your mind just take a test or see your doctor.

Good luck sweetie!
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