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Lymph nodes, muscle fatigue, and pain

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I have been diagnosised with the following....Asthma/emphysema...Epstein barr disease...Carpal tunnel syndrome....High blood pressure... High cholesterol...Migraine...Extreme fatigue...Muscle/joint weakness and pain... Very short of breath and emotional ups and downs with in the last year and half a lump has developed on each side of my neck, which are growing, also some other lumps have popped up on my neck , the ultra sound has shown a small non specific nodule on each side of my thyroid, but the large lumps on each side of my neck that sit in my clavicle show just fatty tissue or muscle tissue over growth, each doctor I have seen have said they are no concern.(also itch like crazy and hurt!) I have also found a lump under my left arm, in the bend of my right arm and below and to the left of my left knee. Behind both knees... On my back on the left right about where my kidney sits, I have been weak and getting weaker, if I do too much one day I pay for it the next, I will be totally exhausted, just to stand to do a few dishes is totally exhausting! I had always been active before all this started, I exercised daily,(my husband would always tell me to slow down, cause I was always busy working on something) but I can't even exercise any more. I have not been able to work for over a year now. I was looking into dercum's disease because of so many lumps and pain and exhaustion, but the shooting pain in my legs and arms,(numbness at times) and the electrical shocks that run across my chest are happening more often, also muscle jumping / twitching in my thighs, and my right eye lid, the twitching in my eye lid has became almost constant now. I have like a spasm inside my head at times, that only last for about a minute, I am never sure if I am going to fall into a full seizure or pass out, but neither has happen so far. I have pain in my eyes at times it feels the muscles in my eyes hurt. My right hip feels bruised but there is nothing there to see. A lump has form since the bruise feeling started. To just stand to do dishes is totally exhausting and has be painful also. My finger tips feel numb, and if either arm is bent at the elbow my hands and fingers will go to sleep. I was in a vehicle wreck about 7 years ago, which resulted in whip lash, ( which I thought I was healed) now my neck will feel so weak I can't hold my head up, I have to lie down or I will get dizzy, and sick, I feel the back of my neck or turn it side to side and can feel and hear cracklin popping sounds......... I have been fighting this for so long, went thru several neurological test a year and half ago, nothing but carpal tunnel was found. Was tested for cushings that came back negative, lupus was tested a couple of years ago, so was lyme disease. I have had every blood test known to man, or at least it seems like it. Now I have narrowed down to checking into possible ms or possible dercum's I use to be the most patient person alive, now just dropping a spoon can make me see red! And I do drop things alot, I have trouble saying what I want to say or I can't pronounce the word the way I want to. I can't remember anything, my mind is foggy , when I am walking at times I nearly fall because a knee or ankle with just give way and on a flat surface, at times I feel like my legs are like rubber when trying to walk. I have told my doctor s but no one knows anything. I know I am getting worse, I feel at times I am just going to pass out. Or my head it just going to explode.......... Please help if at all possible....... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I forgot to add, I have endometriosis and did have a totally hysterectomy last year, my obgyn told me the endo was also outside the uterus and on part of my bowel. Don't know if that is any significance but thought I might add it just in case I will be seeing a rheumatologist next month, if there is any suggestions as to what test might need to be addressed, I appreciate any input. Thank you for your time.

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replied January 29th, 2007
Multiple Sclerosis Answer A2216
The lumps on the neck, under the left arm, in the bend of your right arm, below and to the left of the left knee and behind both knees they could be swollen lymph nodes due to the Epstein-Barr virus infection (infective mononucleosis). The real nature of the bumps can be confirmed with a fine needle punition or biopsy, if necessary.
Muscle weakness, pains and twitching can be diagnosed by a neurologist.
You may also consult an ophthalmologist about the pain in your eyes.
For hip pain, you'll need an X-ray image to identify the cause of the pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated surgically by an orthopedist.
Symptoms related cognitive abilities (memory loss, “fogy mind”, hard to talk…) can be diagnosed and treated by a neurologist and mental health doctor. Neurological and mental symptoms may require a CT-scan or MRI of the head and spinal cord.

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