I stopped spotting this afternoon after my d&c early thursday jan 18. (i *think* I stopped because I stopped for the whole day, 2 days ago but then started again, but it's really been tapering off today) anyway, I just have some pink when I wipe now. But for the last half hour i've been having these really sharp twinges on my right side and I just feel kinda bloated. Could I be ovulating?? I have some white discharge when I wipe (with a littly tiny bit of pink)

is it possible to ovulate this soon after a d&c? And so soon after I stopped bleeding/spotting? Or are these funny cramps/bloating totally irrelevant and normal?
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replied January 22nd, 2007
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Yes it is possible to ovulate.
Ovulation occurs approx two weeks before a period is due.
(you actually ovulate before your first period, which is why even if you haven't started your periods it is still possible to get pregnant)
it would seem a little early to ovulate (4 days after) but not unlikely.

Lots of women are said to be much more fertile in the first couple weeks following miscarriage or birth.

The cramps could just be your uterus contracting to get back to it's original size.
If they are just like period cramps they are likely to be nothing to worry about. If they get worse or sharp, or if you get shoulder tip pain, shortness of breath/chest pain, fever or blurred vision then go straight to the er and tell them that you recently had a d&c for miscarriage
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