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What Is My Doc Really Trying to Do to Me?

Question hello to everyone that reads this. I am seriously confused right now. I just recently had a miscarriage. I found out in december. I was suppose to be almost eleven weeks, but the sonogram measured the baby at 7 weeks, 1 day. It was so hard for me. I then had a d/c dec. 21st. I was so sick afterwards and I couldnt hardly walk to the bathroom. On dec. 23rd, I passed a huge mass of tissue, it looked like the fetus inside. I was so confused because the doc. Told me and my husband that she got everything out by way of sonogram. Then when I got to the hospital, my doc. Wasnt avail. And they said that there were still some tissue inside and because my uterus is bicornuate, and it was a difficult procedure, they would have to do it again and her partner highly reccommended the d/c again. I agreed and had the procedure. What a christmas. Anyway, my husband and I had unprotected sex not even a week after the second procedure and then on. I just went to the er two nights ago, spent eight hours only to find out that there was still tissue in my uterus. And because my husband and I did not heed the doc. And take birthcontrol, there is a chance that we are pregnant. They tested my hcg levels from my blood sample and it was at 2.25. I think that my level should be at zero because it has been a month since my second procedure and by way of two sonograms, they should of gotten everything out of me. The part that ills me is that the doc told me that the tissue I passed was endemetrial dissidualized tissue. I dont believe her. So, she made a mistake, but a third procedure is worth a malpractice lawsuit because irregardless, I should have never had to see the baby pass through me after the first procedure. Does anybody even know if I could be pregnant because of the hcg levels and because of my procedures being done twice in a row? And because of my hcg levels, could it just be some more tissue left?
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