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Bite Problems For Over 2 Years? What's Wrong?

Finally I find a website where I can vent and ask for help!

I am a 24 year old male who lives in canada.
The problems I am having are little lesiens that I get on my skin. Mostly around my elbows and knees, some thigh. Sometimes I will wake up and scratch and realize that there is blood and I have 1 pin prick or sometimes even 2 pin pricks side by side. It is extreamly itchy, sometimes for days, but they always go away. Sometimes I will have a few bites it seems side by side or small red lines, which is blood I presume. Some bites look a little glossy right after I have been bitten. I usually get the pricks when I sit on my couch and somtimes rarely I get them when I sleep in my bed. Mostly on my couch, which I keep covered with blankets because I thought that would help.

My girlfriend experienced it as well when she came over. She would be itching herself and have some small tiny tiny red bumps. The funny thing is my roomate that lives with me has never experienced anything, even while laying on the couch?

Anyways, when I am walking or sitting anywhere else, every once in a while I get sharp, painful tinges in my tissue or skin it feels. I always thought it might be a bite, but I never see anything there. I just feel it from time to time and I grab that place where I get the sharp poke and scratch it. I guess I can describe what they look like.

Open itchy lesions on the skin (from tiny holes to many millimeters in length)

now I don't get to many. It happens once in awhile and sometimes I go without many for awhile. Sometimes I get no red bumps but I get the sharp pokes and jabs. I thought maybe it was my clothing. It has been over 2 years now, and it still happens. I never see any bugs but I get these marks. One time I woke bleeding and I saw two pin point bites side by side and that was the biggest mark I had ever. The marks just usually scab over and go away. But they are extreemly itchy until they are completely gone?

I have thought of everything, I bought a new bed, I raised it off of the floor, I used borax to clean my floors. Since my apartment is usually dusty I thought they were some sort of mites and that I was really allergic to them and my roomate wasnt?

I did think that maybe it was from the couch that I got from a showhome that was stored away in a storage room that I was able to get?

So I am very confused as to what this is? Since it is so random when the bites occur. I'm not sure if they are in my house, or living on me, because my roomate doesn't feel a thing?

Maybe they were from the guinea pigs we had at one point, but not anymore? I give up!!!!!

I really hope someone on here knows what this is or can help out.
I found this site http://www.Safe2use.Com/pests/scabies/gett ingridof/030.Htm

and know that I have experienced some of these things, just not on my face. I just get the jabs and pokes on the back or front of my thighs?

I'll be checking back!
Thanks in advance
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replied March 17th, 2009
small bite or red marks
I get the exact same thing! And I keep wondering what kind of insect is doing this to me. I usually get them on my arms or legs. They are very itchy which can only make matters worse. Usually there are two side by side. I hope we get answer to this. Mine usually come while sleeping on our Sleep number bed (not prone to dust mites).
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replied June 24th, 2010
This has happened to me as a young girl and now to my son,on him it is leaving a quarter size leasion, and started out as 2 pin prick bites side by side, and is very itchy. i have been to many doctors and dermatologist, and nothing they are prescribing is working. it's been 4 months now. it freaks me out that is is getting bigger and not knowing what it is.
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