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Vomiting After Drinking Milk Before Bedtime

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Hey all!

First, i'm not lactose intolerant to my knowledge... Never had a problem with milk before. But twice in the last week I drank some milk before I layed down for bed. I did this because I was really hungry but there isn't much in the way of snacks around here. The first time, I also had a bagel. The second time, no bagel.

This second time, what came up was a; a lot more than the first time and b; had chunks of what quite clearly appeared to be cottage cheese. Why is the milk curdling in my stomach?

I've also been constipated, though that started long before the nausea. The vomiting occoured about 3 hours after drinking the milk. The first time, I vomited again two hours later. This time... I haven't had the "chance" yet, ha ha. There is moderate (5 on the pain scale) stomach pain before the vomiting that subsided to a 2 afterwards, but lasted the good part of the day last time, with a complete loss of appetite until around dinner, when I ate a little chicken, some macarroni and chese and potatoes without any trouble.

I think the first time was about a week ago now, last thursday morning. The last time i'd vomited was in highschool...

I know this isn't "morning sickness" because its occourred within 3 hours each time. I just happened to go to bed at 3 am the first time and 2 am the second time, which explains the one hour difference from the first time and this time. So if I went to bed at nine pm, i'd be puking by midnight. Not that I want to further test the theory.
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replied February 3rd, 2007
Hi. If the milk is curdling in your stomach, it could be that it's reacting to irregular stomach acid(milk is a base). Also, you could be having issues with digesting it because you're taking it before going to bed... Because you're not at an angle it's easier for the milk to come back up. Hope you figure it out Smile
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replied June 13th, 2011
Personally if I vomited after drinking milk, I wouldn't drink milk again. Vomiting is too scary for me! It does sound like your stomach is rejecting it for a reason? And going to bed after drinking it, won't help. Maybe switch your bedtime snack to toast or dry cereal. Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), may also be the problem. Consult a doctor about this. It's not normal unless you do have IBS or something similar, which then you may be able to get a prescription for it. Maybe just keep off the milk for abit Smile hope you get it sorted Smile
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