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Impact of Drug Abuse On Youths

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i'm currently working on a project on the above topic and I would like to find out more on this topic.
1) will the health of the drug abuser be affected till old age even after he/she had stop abusing drugs? If yes, in what ways will their health be affected?
2) what are the ways to help youth drug abusers to quit drug abusing without the help of professionals? Is there anyway where their close ones(family) could help them?

I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks! =d
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replied February 14th, 2007
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1. It depends on the type of drug. I used marijuana and have been clean for almost 4 years. Some longer-term effects i've noticed are:

* lowered immune system
* yellow-brown stained teeth
* difficulty with memory and prioritizing details
* depression

2. Drug abusers (no matter the age) are not going to stop until they're dead or exhausted. Addiction compels use. Unless a person is ready to stop, they won't.
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