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Wrong Pill On Wrong Day

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I am taking yaz. I did this weird thing the other day. On saturday, I took sunday's pill instead. Then last night I took monday's pill before I noticed that it was the wrong one. So now I have a pill for saturday, and one for tuesday. My inactive pills begin wednesday. Should I take saturday's pill today (monday) as if I did nothing different, or did I really screw something up and could this increase my chances of getting pregnant? I am not sure if each week in yaz has different hormones and if it will make a difference.
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replied January 15th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
You are okay, yaz has all the same hormones!

Just keep taking like nothing happened...
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replied November 5th, 2009
triquilar birth control
My girlfriend is taking triquilar. She accidentally took the last day's pill instead of the first day's pill. Thoughts?
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