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Right Nourishment In Heart Problems..

Сurative dishes in heart problems.
Advices by Dr.Russian dietologist michael gurvich/2005/.

In aterosclerosis.Your daily ration:
1 st breakfast:sweet cottage cheese mass or omelet-100 gr.
Kasha manna milk-100 gr.
Tea- 3 part with milk -1 part-150-200.
2 nd breakfast:apple-1.
Lunch:vegetarian vegetable soup-200 gr.
Boiling meat with vegetable garnish-150 gr.
Berry-fruit dessert-100 gr.
Afternoon snack:rusks sugar-2 tbl.Sp.
Dog-rose decoction-200 gr.
Dinner:boiling fish-100-150 gr.
Stewing cabbage or kasha with fruits-100 gr.
Tea/3 part with milk 1 part-200 gr.
Before sleep:prunes-5-6 .
For all day:millet bread-100 gr,rye bread-100 gr,sugar-35 gr.

In hyperthension.
If hypertension is observing with obesity I advice to do 2-3 time/week vegetarian fasting days.That maybe rice-compote day-like 100 gr rice,cooking with salt,which a drink compote from a fresh or dry fruits/1,2 l for 5 methods/.Salad day-1-1,2 kg vegetables and fruits distributes for 4-5 methods.Vegetable salads better dress olive oil or sunflower oil.Apple day :1,5 kg apples distributes for 5 metthods.In that a size of drinking liquide is a not to be higher 1,2 l/day.Instead of sugar better take dry fruits,honey.
Approximately menu for 1 day.
1 st breakfast:cottage cheese with raisin or omelet 50-100 gr.
Milk manna kasha-100gr.
Tea-3 part with milk 1 part-200 gr.
2 nd breakfast:apple-1.
Lunch:pearl soup-200 gr.
Boiling meat-130 gr.
Vegetable puree or salad-70 gr.
Berry dessert or compote-200 gr.
Afternoon snack:dog-rose decoction-200 gr.
Dinner:boiling fish/baking/-150 gr.
Potatoe boiling-100 gr.
Baking apple-1.
Tea with milk 3:1-200 gr.
Before sleep-curdled milk-200 gr.

Also useful:salt-free dishes,products with salts calium,salts mg,for metabolism-iodine products.

Chronic heart failure and stenocarditis.
Limitate:meat,broth,mushrooms,strong ,decoctions,salt,coffee,tea.
Eat a second meat broths,like:meat cook 5 min,after boiling,pour off broth,pour over a fresh water and cook to readiness or stew with lid.
With oedemas:liquide is 800 ml/day.From menu is excepts salt snacks,spicy dishes.
Approximately menu:
1st breakfast:kasha buckwheat-200 gr.
Milk 100 gr.
2 nd breakfast:baking apples-150 gr.
Lunch:vegetarian soup-100 gr.
Beef stroganoff with vegetable garnish-150-200 gr.
Salad-70-100 gr.
Compote 100 gr.
Afternoon snack:soking dry fruits-100 gr.
Dinner:apple-carrot meat balls or fish dish-200 gr.
Milk 100 gr.
Before sleep:dog-rose decoction-100-150 gr.
For all day:millet bread salt-free-150 gr,sugar-40 gr,butter oil-10 gr.

In postinfarction condition.
Eat 6-7 times/day.
By small portions.
With light vegetable soups,fatless milk products,and liquide groats kashas.All dishes without salt,like rubing.
In scaring period:you can observe for diet in hypertension,cook without salt,without roasting,baking.

replied January 14th, 2007
Cook russian dishes in heart problems.
Kasha "barbie".
Warm milk ,but not boil,pour over a warm milk oats flakes,add honey,or sugar,slightly salt, and leave for 7-10 min in lid.Wash dry fruits and put on kasha.Pour over milk or fruit yoghurt.
Oats flakes-4 tbl.Sp.
Milk-1 glass.
Prunes without stone-6 pieces.
Dried apricots-8.
Fatless yoghurt-1 tbl.Sp.
Sugar or honey-1 tea sp.
Salt by taste.
!! That dish useful in hypertension,stenocarditis,in postinfarction in scarring period.

Wash peppers,cut,salt,stew in oil/1 tbl.Sp.To softness.Shake eggs,add cheese and combine with stewing pepper.All mix.Put receiving mass in form,greasing oil/1 tbl.Sp./and bake in temp.160 degrees and 10 min.
Sweet pepper-2,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp.,eggs-2 piece,home cheese-100 gr,milk-1 glass,cuting petroselum -2 tbl.Sp.,salt-by taste.
Useful in:hyperthension,stenocarditis,in postinfarct.In scarring periods.

Bread pieces without crust cut,like cubes.On a dry pan dry toasts 3-5 min.Tomatoes cut,like rings,cut onion,salt,add oil,crunching toasts,and mix.Serve,like right away.
Tomatoes-3,green onion-0,5 tuft,white breat-4 piece,vegetable oil-1 tbl,sp,salt -by taste.

Monastic fish.
Wash fish,cut and salt.Shred cabbage.Rubung inion passed in vegetable oil/1 tbl.Sp/ on a deep pan with thick hole,after add cabage,and stew to readiness 10 min.Add tomatoe paste ,all mix.Divide mass for 2 part.Grease oil a form/1 tea.Sp/for baking and put cabbage part on a hole,close a fish layer,and from a top put cabbage all.And close a lid.Bake in oven in temp.220,15-20 min.
Fish fillet-400,cabbage 400,onion-1 piece,tomatoe paste-1 tea sp,vegetable oil-1,5 tbl.Sp.,salt -by taste.
Useful in:hyperthension,stenocarditis.

Ragout "meat song".
Wash millet and add on sieve.Pour over broth and leave for 1 night in refrigerator.Meat cut,like cubes.Carrot,onion clean,cut and passed 3 min in oil.Add oil,broth with millet,tomatoe paste and stew on a weak fire 40-50 min.Add corn,peas,kidney beans,and cook stiil 5 min.
Millet groats-100 gr,2 nd.Meat broth-0,5 l,olive oil-2 tbl.Sp,boiling veal-300 gr,onion-1,carrot-2,corn,green peas,kidney beans canned-1 glass,tomatoe paste-1 tbl.Sp.,salt -by taste.
Useful in:hyperthension,stenocarditis,in scarring periods in postinfarction.

Kidney bean soup.
Wash kidney beans,sort out,soat for 1 night in cold water.Passed onion in oil 3-5 min.Pour over kidney beans 4-5 glasses water and cook 15-20 min to halfreadiness.After add onion,cuting tomatoes,salt.Cook stiil 10 min,before serving sprinkle cuting green.
Kidney beans-1 glass,cuting onion-1,fresh tomatoes-2,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp,salt,green by taste.
Useful in:hyperthension,stenocarditis.

Wash cranberry dry,knead,and squeeze juice.Berries pressing put in a pan,pour over hot water/3 glas/boil,and cook 5 min on a middle fire.Receiving decoction filter,again add in pan,add sugar,and put on a weak fire.When syrup boils,mixing add manna,and cook 15 min.Take away from fire,cool,add cranberry juice,vanillin sugar,mix,shake mixer.Put ready mousse in forms and put in refrigerator for cooling.
Cranberry-1 glass,sugar-2 tbl.Sp,manna-0,5 glass,vanillin sugar-0,5 tea sp.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,stenocarditis,in scarring periods.

Salad "winter evening".
Shred cabbage,blanch in salted boiling water/0,5 l/ 3-4 min and after put on a sieve.Potatoe clean,and cut,like circles.Cut onion,chiken meat and stew 5-7 min in oil on a pan with thick hole.Slightly cool,add cabbage,potatoe,and mix.In serving sprinkle petroselum.
White cabbage-200 gr,potatoe boiling-4,inion-0,5,boiling chiken-100 gr,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp,cuting petroselum-2 tbl.Sp.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,stenocarditis.

replied January 14th, 2007
Potatoe pie.
Clean potatoe,to mince meat,add egg,sourcream,salt,flour,baking powder ,shake mixer to a same mass and divide on 2 oart.Cook filling:cheese knead and mix with egg and green.1 part potatoe mass put a wet hand in form,greasing oil.After distribute filling and close a potatoe layer.Grease sourcream and put in oven /220 degrees/ for 45 min.After turn off oven,open door and leave stiil for 15 min.
Potatoe boiling-6-7,sourcream-2 tbl.Sp.,egg-1 piece,flour-4 tbl.Sp.,baking powder-1 tea sp,salt by taste.
For filling:cheese home-300 gr,egg-1,green mixing,cuting-2 tbl.Sp.,sourcream-2 tbl.Sp.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,stenocarditis,in postinfarction condition in scarring periods.

Apples with cranberry.
Clean apples,cut a top from a fruit stem and remove a middle,not damaging a low fruits parts,put in every apple 1 tbl.Sp.Cranberry jam and from a top-piece oil.Put apples on a sheet and bake in oven/220 degrees/20 min.
Apples-4,cranberry jam-4 tbl.Sp,butter oil-20 gr.

Turkey bavarian.
Fillet turkey cut on a portion pieces.Put in a form.Apples clean,remove a middle,cut,like slices,sprinkle lemone juice,and put on a meat with apples.Mix yoghurt with cheese and egg,add green. Distribute a cheese mass on a meat s surface and bake in a warming oven/180 degrees/10 min.
Boiling turkey fillet -300 gr,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp,apples-2,onion-1 piece,fatless yoghurt-125 gr,egg-1,shreding cheese-50 gr,cuting green,lemon juice-by taste.
Useful in;atherosclerosis,stenocarditis.

"sea inspiration".
Squids fillet cut.Carrot clean and cut,like straws,onion-cut.Slightly passed ready vegetables in oil/1 tbl.Sp/,add boiling water/3 tbl.Sp/,salt,close ,and stew to softness.Put after vegetables in form,mix with squids,pour over sourcream sauce and put in oven /180 degree/for 10-15 min.
For sourcream sauce:passed flour in oil /0,5 tbl.Sp/to a light-golden colour.Add sour cream,mix,add hot water/0,5 glass/,salt,sugar,and cook on a weak fire,mixing,8-10 min.
Squids cleaning-2 jars,like 250 gr,flour-1,5 tbl.Sp,vegetable oil-1,5 tbl.Sp,sourcream -1/4 glass,carrot-2 piece,onion-1 piece,salt,sugar,by taste.
Useful in :atherosclerosis,stenocarditis.

Salad "ellada".
Fillet perch and cleaning potatoe cut,like cubes.Tomatoes scald,remove peel,and cut,like lobules,cucumber-circles,olives-straws.All mix in salad-dish,drees oil and sprinkle petroselum.
Tomatoes-2,fresh cucumber-1,boiling potatoe with peel-2,fillet perch boiling-300 gr,olive oil-3 tbl.Sp,cuting petroselum-by taste.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,hyperthension.

Aromatic veal.
Wash veal,dry,cut,salt,sprinkle coriander.Vegetables-wash,clean peppers,like straws,tomatoes-rings.In form add oil,and put meat with vegetables.Add water/4 tbl.Sp/and put in a warming oven/250 degrees/for 25-30 min.
Veal flesh-700-800 gr,tomatoes-2,sweet pepper-2,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp,grinding coriander,salt-by taste,cuting green for secorating.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,hyperthension.

Kasha"buckwheat field".
Buckwheat temper on a pan,mix with 1 spoon vegetable oil.Prunes and dried apricots wash,put in water and cut on a small pieces.Nuts nucleuses cut.Groats mix with nuts,dry fruits,pour over hot water and cook ,like with a closing lid,on a slow fire 20 min.
Buckwheat-250 gr,prunes without stones-100 gr,dried apricots-100 gr,greese nuts,cleaning-100 gr,vegetable oil-1 tbl.Sp.
Useful in:for alls,but enduring infarction -kasha rub through sieve.

"tasty piece".
Washing carrot and celery cut,like circles.Fillet cod divide on a pieces 4-5 cm,sprinkle lemon juice.In a pan warm vegetable oil and put cuting carrot,celery,stew that 5-6 min on a middle fire.Add fillet pieces,rolling in flour,close,and stew stiil 10 min.
Fillet cod-500 gr,carrot-2,celery-4 stalk,lemon-0,5,vegetable oil-2 tbl.Sp.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,hyperthension,in scarring periods.

"saffrons milk caps".
Prunes wash,pour over a hot water and leave for sweeling.Carrot shred ,add milk and stew on a weak fire to readiness 5-7 min.Add manna,mix,and stew stiil 10 min.After receiving mass cool,add egg,oil/0,5 tbl.Sp/,sugar.From prunes pour off water and cut on a halfs.From mass do flats,every filling a prunes,roll in flour,put on a sheet,greasing oil.0,5 tbl.Sp/,pour over sourcream and bake in a warmiong oven/200 degrees/15 min.

Carrot-4,milk-3 tbl.Sp,manna-1 tbl.Sp,egg-1,vegetable oil-1 tbl.Sp,flour-1 tbl.Sp,sugar-1 tbl.Sp,prunes without stones-6,sourcream-4 tbl.Sp.
Useful in:atherosclerosis,hyperthension,in scarring period.

Wash groats,soak n a cold water for 4 hour,and put on a sieve.Pumpkin cut,like cubes.Clean onion,rub,and passed in oil in a pan with thick hole 3-5 min.Add pumpkin and stew 5 min.Add vegetable broth,boil,and cook on a middle fire 15 min.Wash peppers,remove seeds,and cut ,like a small pieces,put with groats in soup,salt,and cook 20 min,ready soup decorate a dill.
Pearl groats-150 gr,cleaning pumpkin pulp-400 gr,olive oil-1 tbl.Sp.Vegetable broth-1 l,sweet pepper 2,onion-1,salt,cuting dill-by taste.

Useful in:atherosclerosis,hyperthension,and in scarring periods.

replied January 14th, 2007
Fruit soup.
Strawberry-1 glass
oats flakes-1 tbl.Sp,sugar-1 tea sp.,milk-2 glass.
Oats flakes dilute in milk and cook to readiness 3 min.Add sugar,take away from fire and infuse,for oats sweeling.Berries wash,cut ,like halfs,put in soup and serving.
Useful in:all cardiovascular diseases.

Onion,squashs clean and cut ,like cubes.Passed onion/3 min/ on a warming oil in a pan with deep hole.Add broth,squashs,karri,close,and cook on a weak fire 15-20 min,slightly cool,shake mixer to a same mass,add sour cream and salt.
Squashs-1 kg,onion-1,butter oil-2 tbl.Sp,vegetable broth-0,5 l,sourcream-0,5 glass,powder karri-1 tea sp.,dill,petroselum cuting-3 tbl.Sp,salt by taste.

Useful in all cardiovascular diseases.

Cinderella s kasha.
Clean pumpkin,cut,like cubes,add in a pan,pour over a water,salt,cook,mixing,20-30 min.When kasha will be dense,take away from fire.Add oil,honey,akk mix,close and infuse 30 min.
Pumpkin-500 gr,water-1 glass,butter oil-1 tbl.Sp,honey-3 tbl.Sp,salt-by taste.
Useful in: all cardiovascular diseases.

Useful advices:
not overeat.
Cook salt-free dishes,add slightly salt in food taking.
For improve taste you can,like adding cowberry,citric acid,cinnamon,petroselum green,dill,or coriander.
Avoid all substances,drinks influencing a bad for cns:strong tea,coffee,chokolate,cacao,spices.Fresh garlik,just in a small quantities or after warming processing.
Fish and meat cook a brief time with a following baking in oven.

replied January 27th, 2007
In Hyperthension,blood Circulation Failure...
Yeah garlik and mg is useful in cardiovascular problems.Our russian dietologist recommends and drink garlik infusion ,like drops and courses in aterosclerosis.And so as in lupus we take and hormones and that leads to side-effects,like calium and magnesium wash out from our organism so and our russian dietologist recommend to eat a calium and mg specially menu for preventing a such side-effects.And calium you can find in dry fruits,and banananas.

Pleace check:

a diet base is including a mg products.

Avoiding eat salt cooking,exstractive substances a meat,fish,limitate and liquide drinks.

Diet prescribes like a 3 consisten rations dor 3-4 day,in every from which is containing 0,8-1,2 gr mg.

Ration 1.

1 st breakfast:buckwheat kasha with roasted millet brans-150 gr.Tea with lemon.

2 nd breakfast:shreding carrot-100 gr with 5 gr vegetable oil.

Lunch:beet soup with mucouse broth from brans-250 gr,millet kasha with dried apricots-150 ,dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Afternoon snack:apricote juice-100 gr.

Dinner:cottage cheese soufflet-150,tea with milk.

Before sleep:dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Ration 2.

1 st breakfast:milk oats kasha-250 gr,tea with lemon.

2 nd breakfast:50 gr weting prunes.

Lunch:cabbage soup with mucouse decoction from brans-250 gr,boiling meat with beet,srewing with vegetable oil-50/160/10 gr,apple-100 gr.

Afternoon snack:salad from carrot,apples-100 gr,dog-rose decoction -100 gr.

Dinner:buckwheat pudding with curds-250 gr,tea.

Before sleep:carrot juice-100 gr.For all day:bran bread-125 gr.

Ration 3.

1 st.Breakfast:shreding carrot-150 gr,millet kasha milk-250 gr,tea with lemon.

2 nd:weting dried apricots-100 gr,millet brans decoction-100 gr.

Lunch:oats soup with vegetables and mucouse decoction from brans-250 gr,boiling chiken-100 gr.

Dinner:fatless cottage cheese with weting dried apricots-150 gr,tea.

Before sleep:dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Nice appetite!

Ration 1.

1 st breakfast:baking potatoe-200 gr,coffee substitute with milk -180 gr.

2 d breakfast:cabbage juice or carrot-100 gr.

Lunch:soup-puree potatoe -200 gr,carrot purree-100 gr,fruit jelly/
afternoon snack:dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Dinner :potatoe puree-300 gr,dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Before sleep:fruit juice-100 gr.

Ration nr 2.

1 st breakfast:potatoe baking-200 gr,coffee substitute with milk-180 gr.

2 nd breakfast:millet kasha-150 gr,cabbage or carrot juice-100 gr.

Lunch:soup purre cabbage or potatoe-200 gr,cutlets potatoe-200 gr,jelly fruit.

Afternoon snack:pilaw from rice with fruits-150 gr,dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Before sleep-fruit juice-100 gr.

Ration 3.

1 st breakfast:millet milk kasha with dry fruits-200 gr,substitute coffee-180 gr.

2 nd breakfast:potatoe puree-200 gr,cabbage ,or carrot juice-100 gr.

Lunch:oats soup with vegetables-250 gr,carrot cutlets-150 gr,compote from dry fruits-180 gr.

Afternoon snack:dog-rose decoction-100 gr.

Dinner:boiling fish-55 gr,potatoe puree-200 gr,tea with milk-180 gr.

Before sleep:fruit juice-100 gr.

Ration nr 4.

1 st breakfast:salad from a fresh vegetables-150 gr,milk buckwheat kasha-200 gr,substitute coffeee with milk-180 gr.

2 nd breakfast:raisins weting-100 gr,cabbage or carrot juice-100 gr.

Lunch:potatoe vegetarian soup-400 gr,pilaw from a boiling meat with rice-55/180 gr,compote from dry fruits-180 gr.

Afternoon snack:baking apples-100 gr.

Dinner:boiling meat-55 gr,potatoe cutlets-200 gr,tea with milk-180 gr.

Before sleep-fruit juice 100 gr.

On a 2 rd and 3,4 th rations take 50,100,200 gr salt-free millet bread,for 4 ration-30 gr sugar.

In that diet include calium products,avoiding eat a salt cooking,exstractive substances a meat,fish,limitate a liquide drinking.

Eat:6 times/day.Prescribes,like a consisten rations,in every from which containing a 6-7 gr calium/rations 1-2 ,like2-3 days,and 3-4,like 2-3 days/...

With support,julia/educator a peoples with lupus,help in therapy,please check of my group kill a lupus.. Wink
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