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Help! I’m Completely In Love And Very Depressed

Hi, i’m 23, I had a boring life, then all of a sudden this girl asks me out, things happen we go out another 2 times and I fall completely in love, everything in her is perfect.

We haven't gone out since (1 month) at first I thought she hadn't the same interest, but as I got to know here it looks like she is a very busy person, cause she shows concern for me.

We are friends now, I told her I like her and she told me she likes me too but as she just broke a very long relationship isn't ready to have a boyfriend, plus she says she can't promise anything but that I have a chance.

In school she is always surrounded by friends and she is like always into something, it's impossible to get her alone.

I initially thought she didn't care for me anymore, but she calls me and we speak on the phone sometimes 3 times a week, so I guess she likes me.

The thing is, it looks like it's going to be some time till she want to be with someone, in the meantime I ask her out as a friend but she is always busy, im confused, I know she likes me but doesn't show the same interest, i’ve asked her if ill ever kiss her again and she says probably yes.

I can't stand it, I think of her all day, i’d like to at least be her friend, but I don't know, the pain in my heart becomes unbearable at times, I wish it would just end, last time I was like this it lasted like 2 years, I don’t want 2 years of living hell, help please!!
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replied January 13th, 2007
Re:help! I’m Completely In Love And Very Depressed
I had the same problem before. I liked a guy but I was much undecided also cusp he was very different from me. He was like u I think...Calm, obedient. And suddenly he didn't ask me if he can kiss me. He just did it, and he didn't ask me if we can go out...He just came and pick me up. And it worked cuz I fall crazy in love 4 him. Maybe u should try be more self confident and risk it more...What you've got to loose? Maybe u will win in fact...Her heart. Meet friends for best advices goodluck.

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replied March 28th, 2007
Ans. To: Help ??
well dude !!! YOU know what the problem is, fix it. i used to be just like you all wishy washy, no self confidence, blah, blah, blah. all i did was to make up my mind to be INTERESTED in people and forget my own crap. it WORKED !!! i'm engaged to the most beautiful girl ever. share your heart with this girl that you want. you MUST be true to yourself before you can be to someone else. you said that you asked her if you'll ever get to kiss her again and she said yes. what does her answer TELL YOU ??? you have some fast, hard work to get done, get honkin dude !!!
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replied May 2nd, 2007
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It must have been a hurtful feeling for the girl as you said that she just ended a 2-year relationship. Respect it.

I think that the girl is very sincere when she loves. a 2-year relationship is hard to let go. the pain and the emotional baggages that go with it are unbearable. Here comes "you", the knight in shining armor who saved the princess from further devastation. She must have seen something in you that's why she went out and shared feelings with. Take it as a complement. However, you linger on thoughts as to whether she'll be yours. She said she can't promise you anything. It's all because the pain is still there, and you just can't take that away immediatiely.

The best thing that you could do right at this very moment is to befriend her. Be a friend without being too agressive that you would want her to be your girl. It's your sincerity that would make her feel good and find comfort in you. Make her feel that you are not pressuring her. Make her feel that you are a genuine friend. Who knows, she'll get over her past relationship with your help, might realize that you're far more better than her ex, and later on, might end up together.
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