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Urinary & bladder disorders

question: I am also having a constant urination problems with no idea as to what is going on. I am urinating about every 10-15 minutes. I have had this problem for the last two weeks. I have gone to the doctor twice and had prescribed two different types of antibiotics - elequine the first time and then erythromycin - 2 tablets, twice a day for seven days. I am on day 4 of erythromycin with no relief. There is no odour, pain, blood or discomfort...Just constant urination. My doctor sent me for a urine analysis and I am awiating the results. The only thing is that as you wait, all types of fears run through your mind...Bladder cancer, adhesions from surgery (had fallopian tube removed a few months ago), some other type of cancer. It's just frightening not knowing. Could this be ic without the pain? Any remedies to help the situation? I read a few sites that said increase water intake, drink cranberry juice, tea and do warm sitz baths. Trying all of the above with no relief.

I realised that there are quite a few posts on constant urination but no replies. There is a icon at the top of posts saying "locked". Is it not possible to respond to posts at this time. If anyone wants to respond to my post and cannot do such via the forum, please send me a private message.
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replied February 25th, 2007
If you think it might be IC DONT drink Cranberry juice! Cranberry juice kills my bladder, I have IC. When my first symptoms started making themselves known, I had drank to much alchohol. Then as time has past the lower pelvic pain and other symptoms have started coming up.
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replied June 16th, 2010
Constant need to urinate
Hello, I am a healthy 64 yr old male, & recently developed the same problem. At first I thought it might be a side effect to a new malaria prevention medication I had to take. But, research does not show that as a side effect. After researching this problem, I see it affects all ages of males & females. The two medications that I have see that are supposed to help are both available over the counter. They are Uristat, & a 600mg tablet of Ibprofen. I have a bottle of 200mg Ibprofen here, and it says not to take more than 2 tablets of that per dose, and no more than 3 per day. I just took 2 tablets & I am waiting to see if it help. I would check with a doctor or knowledgeable farmists before taking a 600mg tablet, if they even exist.
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replied August 27th, 2010
okay so what does it mean if i am urinating constantly after having a poo?
After i have a poo sometimes i keep on urinating bit by bit for a while.
Is this bad or common?
Please give me an answer sombody.
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