I am a 19, pretty healthy, female. I have suffered headaches for about 3 months. My headaches come several times daily, and last normally for about 5 to 20 seconds of intense pain. Everything else basically blacks out though I do not lose consciousness. I have not noticed any patterns of these attacks. They mainly occur on the left side, near the front but can spread to the right side. I sometimes get them in the back of my head, especially after smiling lots or laughing. I have no major numbness though sometimes a bit of tingling in my fingers. These last for similar amounts of time. I have had random twitches in my arms, neck and legs when my body is relaxed. About 2 months ago I loss my left peripheral vision in my left eye for about 3 hours. This has happened twice since. I have started getting lots of 'floaters' in my eye, which are annoying when trying to read but aren’t associated with pain. I feel that I have lost some peripheral vision on my left side. I get a lot of pain behind my eyes, sometimes when I am looking straight ahead, and always when I look up (not at light or sun or anything in particular, just when my eyeballs are looking up. I’ve had cat scan, an mri and a lumber puncture, all which came back normal. I have been diagnosed with buried drusen (a build up of calcium deposits on my optic nerves) and am trying ado-nadolol to see if my headaches are migraine related, though so far it is making them worse (gone from 2-4 a day to 8-12 a day). Anyone else have similar experiences?
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replied February 16th, 2004
I had symptoms similar to these it was diagnosed as pseudotumor cerebi or intracranial hypertension. The following website should give you more information.
if you have any questions please email me.
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replied February 24th, 2004
thanks for the reply. The neurologist I saw thought it was intercrainial hypertension but I had a lumber puncture to test the pressure and it came back normal.
Thanks again
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