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Yay .Alyvia! Mr. Green

we had a pretty nice evening yesterday. We visited some friends of ours who hadn't met .Aly yet. She really liked them! She kept trying to eat .Alisa's hands Laughing after that, we left her with .Aaron's parents for a couple of hours while we dorked around at the mall and ate. She fell asleep before we'd left, and apparently when she woke up and saw we weren't there she lost her mind.

Alyvia has never been weird around other people! Especially her grandparents! They were able to feed her a bottle, but she still screamed about 80% of the time she was there. When we walked back into the house her little face was so red and she had tears running. I picked her up and, silence! Shocked I was in complete shock! She was perfectly fine after that! We stayed for about 45 minutes, and .Aly played with a few toys in my lap. I'd hand her to .Aaron's mom (sitting right next to me on the couch) and .Aly would cry again! I guess she wasn't in a very good headspace or something, because she only wanted mommy holding her. Aaron's mom was sooo upset! I felt so bad for her. Neutral

ooh, and one other thing: .Alyvia is starting to reach for her toys! She's always batted at things, but last night we were showing her a new toy her .Mimi had bought for her (she'd ignored it during her two hour fit) and she went Shocked and stretched both her hands out towards it! Everyone was like "!!!". My clever girl!

Pic fiends: I took lots of pics yesterday, so go check those out instead. Topic is "aly and her bouncy" I think Laughing
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replied January 10th, 2007
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Aawww she wants her mommy.....See you spend probibly 90% of the time with her, no? I think that she is starting to realize that kind of stuff. Poor baby girl. She want her mama....

I love it when amelia started reaching for things. She is so cute....Now when crawling she will stretch five foot just to get something....She goes in a circle (to the right only) until she gets close enough to get the toy. It's soo cute. I don't think that she realizes that she is doing that but it's adorable.

Happy 5 months aly....Kisses
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