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My Penis Kills After I Pee Someone Tel Me Wich Q I Should Do

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Hi... Im new to this ... I just signed up today... So heres my storie....

The last 2 weeks sometimes when I went pee the tip of my penis where the pee comes out really really stung after I was finished peeing. It stings then burns then stings over and over again the whole day and a few times it even made me cry ... I haven't had any sexual contact or anything ... Im still a virgin and this is really really scaring me ... I dont want to tell my parents because I dont want them to know about it.. I am only 14 too .. Some one plz help me plz im very very scared to even go pee ...

Some one please help me and if u can tell me how to make it stop please

should I tell my mom now???
should I tell my mom next time it happens???
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replied January 9th, 2007
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You should really tell your mom as it sounds like you have an infection that needs treatment. You cannot let it go untreated. Best to have it taken care of right away. Good luck!
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