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Always Cold

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Hey ehealth forums members,

i have a question regarding body temperature and I didn't know exactly where to put it so I just decided to put it in general q/a. Hope that's the right place.

Anyways, the problem is that I am always cold. I don't feel cold myself, but I mean cold externally. When someone shakes my hand they often comment on how cold my hand is. I feel room temperature myself but to others I am giving off no body heat at all.

I am pretty healthy, I exercise at least weekly, I eat pretty good (ex. Fast food at most once a week), I am average weight for my age (about 3 pounds above being underweight though). I am in good shape physically, athletic build, and no known blood/heart problems with me or anyone in my family.

I am quite small and don't have a lot of body fat so I was thinking that would be the obvious reason but many are the the same size as me and don't get people telling them their hands are cold.

So i'm at a loss, I mean I feel perfectly fine temperature wise but to others I feel really cold and I just can't find anything about the issue that helps. Hopefully someone here has some advice for me.


ps: for some reason when I post it changes some letters that should be capitalized to smaller-case, not sure why Confused
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replied January 15th, 2007
Body Temperature
Dear kevin,

actually my friend had the same problem like you. According to her this problem related with the hormone but I am not sure wheather she has take the hormone pill.

The best thing to do is to find more information about "body temperature" and how its related with the hormone. What are the factors that effect the body temperature? ...All that you can get from internet or from books. Do understand about body temperature then you can think or do something to cure it.

On top of that you can try to get consult from doctor.

All the best.
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replied February 1st, 2007
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Me too have the same prob..Most of the time my palms and foots are cold to touch.Its mainly when I get tensed sad angry etc...
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replied April 19th, 2007
I wouldn't say I'm ALWAYS cold, but I do notice that I am cold alot.

Please keep us updated to you situation, because I'm curious to see what it is, maybe I need to be tested for it as well.
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replied August 13th, 2007
I have the same problem and have most my life.

The otherday I got chatting to a homeless fellow and he shook my hand before he left. He just looked at me very concerned, and told me I should eat more... he then appologised thinking that may have sounded rude, but claimed he only made the comment because my hands felt like ice, even though the weather was mild.

I also get numb fingers when the weather is cold. The tip of one of my fingers will start to turn white, to my annoyance. That has always worried me slightly.

I would love to know why it is. I feel some comfort just in the fact that my dad has the same problem and always has, as my mother jokes about it alot. We are both very healthy, naturally thin people. So I should doubt its a big problem, probly just something you gotta live with!

But I hope you get some peace of mind and answers to this Smile
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replied December 20th, 2009
Freezing all the time
For me it was low iron.
I always had low blood pressure -- due to heart valve issues & often had low blood sugar too.
Nothing horribly disasterous tho. apparently no thyroid issues either.
Last few weeks I've been unbareably cold! To the point of wearing a pair of "jym pants" on top of my jeans & 2 sweaters -- one being a "hoodie" (hood up of course)
Hands/feet freezing always. Cold to the point of shivering no matter what I kept the heat at.
People laughing at me, asking what is wrong etc cus they don't feel the cold like I do.
I usually try to eat well but I'm not really a meat eater. Eat alot of veggies. Not cus I'm dieting -- just really love veggies/fruit etc over meaty stuff.
I couldn't stand it anymore. i was FREEZING!!
Something is WRONG and I need to fix it. LOL!! NOW!!
Finally I got ticked off & cooked up like pound of liver with onions & bacon (for added flavor & some fat) & ate the whole works -- man o man -- I'm nice & toasty now!!
I notice "cold" complaints comming from people that have been or on fairly strict diets. No fat, no carbs, which usually mean little to no meat.
Eat some red meat -- or if ya can't handle meat then go for a good meal of iron rich spinich or something.
Of course if you have other health condiditions where you have to monitor/reduce meat intake -- talk to your doc first but if generally healthy -- try liver. The iron boost won't hurt -- worst that will happen is it won't work.
I wonder how long that load of liver will last lol!
Mabye once a week or something -- liver or blood sausage.
Don't cook it till its like shoe leather -- till the pink is "just gone" & it will be tender & taste half way decent.
Yes it is GROSS to "touch" but hey -- if it works ... its cheap & isn't under drug regulations & fair quick to prepare.

I'm warm now Smile Smile Smile
My hands are even warm!!
AHHHHHHH feels gooooooooooood.
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