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Is Depression Common With Hypoglycemia?

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Hey I know ive probably asked this before but I have symptoms that are pretty constant at all times. It seems that people with hypoglycemia have symptoms only sometimes , but then they go right back to normal at least from what I read. I have a mild form of depression that I cant get to go away, I did stop the diet because my primary Dr. Told me that last gtt was not hypoglycemia. I know stan you said those drops are to large. I dont know what to do, I feel down depressed and cant freakin think clear at all, my mind goes blank and I lost all my interest and things I liked to do. Was depression a problem for you guys? And was it almost constant? I do notice that what I consume food wise affects the way I function but still dont know if its my thyroid cause im also hypothyroid. I feel like I lost my personality and who I am. I am tired of feeling like this and want results. I just wanna make sure I am having the same problems everyone else had. Any help would be cool. Thanks
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replied January 8th, 2007
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I had it pretty constant when I was bad. The gtt will have screwd you up a bit. The suggestion I can make is eat more walnuts, fish, turkey and especially try to supplement with at least one filsh oil capsule a day. Aim for only an oil that is derived from small fish. Spectrum has a great one. These things should help. The main thing is you stopped your diet, I know that if I do this I can get screwed up for awhile before things get stable again.
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