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I was bitten by a not so nice looking dog about 48 hours ago, at a beach. I live in southamerica, chile. Rabies on dogs are not very common but a dog without owner may have rabies. ---i did not see any symptoms on the dog though; no saliva and not so aggressive behavior. The dog was trying to catch a ball.

The bit was not significant at all, did not bleed. It was on my arm and left me numerous scratches but no bleed or wound. But then I started searching for any bleeding more closely and I found 2 very tiny spots of only 1mm wide where I could see blood, but it wasn't coming out. I washed my arm with sea water. Few hours later I cleaned with alcohol. Is it enough for rabies to mix with my blood stream?

Since the blood contact was very small, if I have the virus it should probably reach my central nervous system after many months. I read that rabies can start with it's lethal symptoms after even a year. If it were my case, pep injections would last so much time?

What should I do?

Pd I cant visit easily the dog again to see appearing symptoms on it because I left the beach.
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replied May 3rd, 2007
To be on the safe side id go to the doctor and get an anti rabies injection. Better safe than sorry. Dying of rabies is a fairly crap way to die.
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