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I have not had my period since mid-october - today is january 6. I have went to the doctor's office for a physical december 10th. I tested negative for being pregnant at the clinic as well as I have done many hpts since and before and they test negative. The doctor said to be patient, and it's normal to miss ovulation a month or two. (this has happened before - typically when I was really stressed....But I haven't been to stressed lately)

i assume i'm not ovulating normally, as the only 'difference' i've noticed in my body are cramps 'down there' every now and then. I have gained a little weight, but I think it's just due to poor eating patterns i've been having lately. I have not had any morning sickness or anything.

My husband and I are trying for a baby - but he is getting disappointed that we cannot get any answers for ovulating irregularly. I just hope and wish for one day i'll wake up with morning sickness and find out i'm already a month or two pregnant.

My friends say getting pregnant takes patience .... But how can one get pregnant when my cyle is off so much that our emotions feel it will be impossible!! We are trying!

Is there any hope out there? What is the best way to chart/test/try to get pregnant once I get back on cycle...Hopefully soon!
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replied January 7th, 2007
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My story may help you a bit - so here it is to give you a bit of hope!!!!
I came off the pill in early june'06 after being on it for 12 1/2 years!!!!!
I got my first period 45 days later, my second one 50 days later and my third one 51 days later.
I went to the doctor and had a series of tests done, which all came back "normal". He said that sometimes your body can just take longer than usual to get back to normal and also that a healthy couple usually takes between 6 - 12 months to conceive!!! Sooooo, we tried and tried (for 6 months) and on the 7th "try" we got lucky and I found out I was pregnant on dec.27th!!!!
My preiods never did regulate before I got pregnant, sooooo hang in there and don't stress about the situation. I know alot of people here will tell you that, but it is so very true.
I wish you a ton of luck and am sending you lots of baby dust your way!!!! Wink
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