Hello I was diagnosed about a year ago with hypothyroidism. I remember my tsh level being at a 6.0. He put me on synthroid which I am now up to 75 mg. I also take cytomel 5 mcg. I have not gotten that much better and still have symptoms. They first diagnosed me with depression and none of the 5 anti depressants helped at all. I actually came off them cause I feel better with out them but I still have symptoms. I am very tired all the time, I have like a weakness type ache in my calves pretty all the time, yawn alot, have some type of depression.... Feel like I cant express myself or just lost my personality.... Hard to explain just not my self anymore. Another thing is just not being able to think clear and have a cold intolerance which is pretty bad. I cannot handle handle cold ac or weather whats so ever. I do have hair loss and dry skin. My last tsh level which was the other day was 1.8. Am I suppose to be closer to 0? Should I try amour or levo? My symptoms affect me bad and I want my old self back. Oh and I also told I was hypoglycemic too so im suppose to be on a strict diet. I just feel like I cant get better for anything its been 4 years trying to figure this out. Any replys would be greatly appreciated.
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replied April 25th, 2007
Hi, I've had thyroid problems for the past 5 years, since I was 16, first it was overactive then it went underactive, it's been switching between the two ever since. I've had radioactive iodine twice, each time my thyroid level was normal for a short while, then it went overactive again.
Right now my thyroid level is apparently normal, and I've been taken off medication, (which was 100mg Levothyroxine) this has happened a few times in the past, but I'm already getting the symptoms of being overactive again.

Anyways, your symptoms are exactly what I had whenever I was underactive, the first time I had it I went from a size 10/12 to a size 16 in a year, I couldn't walk anywhere without getting bad pain in my calves and shins, even just walking for about two minutes was so painful! I ended up spending too much time at home. I felt cold all the time but I would sweat a lot, and I ached constantly, I also had hair loss, everytime I washed my hair, loads of hair would fall out, I didn't have visible bald patches or anything, but it freaked me out, it's fine now though.
I hope the medication works for you, and you won't be in pain for too long.
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