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Hyperthyroidism And Epileptic Seizures

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does any one know if an over active thyroid releasing a disproportionate amount of t3 and t4 in the blood stream could result in epileptic seizures?
More to the point can the thyroid gland accumulate t3 and t4 over a period of time and then somehow releasing it in one shot causing an epileptic seizure.
Within that vein does anyone know if the effects of hyperactive thyroid medicine would react with anti seizure drugs reducing in effect their effectiveness.
For in this case my girlfriend is being treated for hyperthyroidism for a bit more than a year and has had 6 seizures since august with no apparent trigger that would normally be associated with epileptic episodes.
Does anyone know were to find more information on possible connections between these two diseases.
Thank you

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First Helper Lisamn26

replied June 26th, 2009
I would very much like to get a hold of you. I have hyperthyroidism and i have LOTS of problems. I have CONSTANT seizures, periodic paralysis, heart beating off beat, hot, can't sleep. ALL sorts of problems. I'd like very much to know what you've found out and tell you what i know.
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replied July 9th, 2009
Hyperthyroidism affects on Epilepsy
I would very much like to know as well. I am a 52 year old woman who has supposedly had Epilepsy since I am 6 years old,but I have only had 3 seizures my entire life, the first when I was six and the last 30 years ago when I was pregnant.Each seizure came when I was very sick under physical stress.I have recently been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and since, especially today am having all the signs, symptoms, precursors of a seizure.Today was awful racing heart, weird sensations in my abddomen, hyper past tolerability, twitching face, excessively blinking eyes,weird feeling in my head,trouble seeing (eyes pulling) petit mals,all the aura of a seizure coming. Very bad.Is the Hyperthyroidism affecting my Epilepsy? I was not experiencing any of this before. Please write me..Thank you.
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replied May 7th, 2010
Hyperthyroid... link to epelepsy...
hello 5 years ago i was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. ive had so called panic attacks.. well i thought they were.. i fainted at work 2 weeks ago.. was rushed to hospital.. diagnosis possible seizure.. i did my bloods for thyroids came back much higher then normal... so could it be possible that doctors haven''t found a link yet to non-Epileptic seizure and hyperthyroid/.... have they just missed it for panic attacks... ????? anyone. Write me.
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replied January 11th, 2011
seizures and hyperthyroidism
my husband has hyperthyroidism just diagnosed this year along with seizures. No known cause for the seizures. I am suspecting it is linked to his overactive thyroid. It is a well known fact that hormone imbalances can indeed lower someones seizure threshold if they are prone to seizures. However whether or not it is the root cause for his seizure is still unknown. But I suspect once his hormones are corrected that his seizures will also subside or hopefully stop completely.
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replied December 21st, 2011
Thyroid and seizures
Well, I seem to fall into this group as well! I had the Thyroid storm, so we decided on the radioactive iodine. Well about a year later came the seizures I have about anywhere from 1 a day if I am lucky and on the bad days they can be about 30 min apart while on meds! we are still working on a defenitive answer so far I am told to persue a treatment called IVIG so we shall see?
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replied October 3rd, 2013
Seizures.Are they linked to a overactive thyroid
Can anybody answer my question ? I got diagnosed with a overactive thyroid last week.And today had two seizeres.Is anybody taking beta blockers by any chance ? Please let me know because i am blaming them for my seizures.I started taking the beta blockers ( propranolol) yesterday , and had the seizure today.Please email if anybody has got a answer to this post, because i am so scared incase i have another seizure.

Thank You.
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