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On Ortho Evra More Than a Few Years

I have been on the birth control patch ortho evra for like more than a few years & i'm a virgin. I'm on it to make my periods regular but they probably should be regular by now. But I want to stay on the patch because I like being on it because I always' know when i'm going to get my period & just in case something happens where I have sex.

(1.) what if my doctor or nurse asks me why I still want to be on it when I go get my pap smear done???

I will feel weird saying that I just want to but that's actshally the answer.

(2.) do u think one of them will ask???

(3.) will being on it for more than a few years make it so that I can't get pregnant in the future???

(4.) why or why not???

(5.) can u get pregnant right when u get off of it???
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replied January 1st, 2007
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Hi there!

Great questions, I work for planned parenthood, and I see women with questions like your everyday.

A lot of virgins like the "pill"(or patch) because it equalizes their period, and they tend have no more cramps associated with their period. You are not unusual at all for being on the patch for this reason.

You can be honest with your doctor/nurse, they legally cannot tell your parents anything you disclose about your sexual life/history. A lot of times they may not ask why you still want it, becaiuse they know the benefits of the birth control method you use.

You are able to get pregnant within weeks of removing your patch, or stopping a bc pill. Fertility returns quickly.
Birth control basically puts your ovaries to rest, they still have all of their eggs, but they do not "push them out' while you are on bc.

There are female doctors with 2-3 children that have been on the pill for 20+ years.. The pill is safe for your fertility, but some women will always have fertility problems not associated with the pill.
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