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Strange Thoughts??

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Does anyone have thoughts on how your mind works and how were able to think and stuff....Sounds weird but I do have those thoughts and its ruining my life...Im confused on how the mind works...I always wondered if I had these thoughts before I had anxiety if it would still make me feel depressed and stuff....I used to think like this alot a couple of months ago and it would bring me into dr dp and I sort of felt safe in dr dp ...But now when I think of them its just plain anxeity no major symptoms of dr dp....Im just wondering if thats normal...I feel like dr dp is soppose to protect me from those thoughts but its like its not kicking in....Not that I want to be in dr dp but im just worried why its not common on when I start thinking about my mind and how I am able to think and stuff....And one more thing....When I start thinking like that it feels like im about to go completely insane...Not shizo...Just feels like my mind is going to go completely insane and will never come back to reality...Im just am having trouble dealing with my mind...I also get very depressed from thinking like this....I do have my good days but there mostly full of fear, worry, anxiety, depression and any other horrible feeling there is out there...Im 18 years old this really sucks..
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replied December 31st, 2006
=) I use to feel like I was going insane when I always have pains all over everywhere in my body. The human mine is always thinking. I suggest you find a hobby or something to do instead of just sitting there thinking if it really makes you deperassed....
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