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Hysterectomy W/wo Cervix?

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i've been told today that I need a hysterectomy due to large fibroids and symptoms from that. The question is weather to have the cervix removed or leave it in place? The doctor is leaving that up to me as long as it is healthy. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. I also have lupus and stress really makes it act up.
Let me know if anyone has advice on the cervix option.
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replied March 21st, 2004
Hysterectomy W/wo Cervix?
I have a huge fibroid (about the size of a melon). I decided to have it removed because I just don't like the thought of it in me. Don't really have any troublesome symptoms but it's getting bigger. Anyway, I am having the cervix removed too because it serves no purpose, does not affect sexual performance or feeling, and it is just one more place that could develop cancer in the future. So why keep it? Good luck. Whatever your decision, it will be right for you.
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replied March 26th, 2004
Hi lindae,

i had mine removed with no regrets. The doctor said its a bacteria catcher. Its purpose is to allow a baby to pass thru... Makes sense. You can't put back what is taken out, so i'd researched as much as you can if you aren't sure what to do.

I have a post operative picture (sorry if this upsets anyone) of my total hysterectomy. The cervix is white in color and has a thick opening to it. I don't see what good it would have done to keep it for myself.

I hope this helps. I'm 25 days post op and feeling great.

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