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Lower Right Abdominal Pain

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I am 24 yr old female and have rlq pain for a 18 months. I first became ill with dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss and nausea in june 05 which progressed to the point that I had to go on disablity for 6 weeks. All the blood tests came back normal and they said labrythinitis was to blame for the dizziness. I ended up in the er with severe pains in the rlg ct and blood tests came back normal and they adv that it was due to dehydration from lack of eating or drinking due to dizziness. The pain never left and seemed to coinside with my period. My gyn was reluctant to use birth control b/c of the dizziness, but was unable to explain the pain. I switched drs and went on various forms of birth control which seemed to help, but not for long. Gyn suspected endometriosis and after several rounds of depo failed to help did a laparoscopy in nov 06 which came back normal. She suggested I see a gastro which I did and he adv that he will do a colonoscopy but will probally not find an answer and that I dont have symptoms of ibs or chrons so he ruled them out.

I have normal bm's and havent noticed anything abnoramal. I have a secere lack of appetite, some days I dont eat. I try to drink alot to make up for lack of eating but without feeling hungary I just dont. I have a lot of gas and sometimes it is really foul smelling but unsure what causes it. I get some relief with my knees up or fetal position and a heating pad, but that doesnt last long. I can hardly sleep b/c some nights its so bad I either cant fall asleep or wake up from the pain.

Has anyone else been in this boat or offer any advise. The pain is so bad so days that it is difficult to function normally. I do my best to just go about my day but its hard when you are doubled over in pain and I fell like the drs are giving up and sending me to a diff specilaty b/c its not there problem.
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