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I Don't Know What to Do :(

I've suffered from tmj for about a year now. I went to an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. He didn't see a thing wrong with me. Absolutely nothing. He gave me anti-inflammintories.

He was about to leave, and I pointed out that when I open my mouth wide, I my jaw makes a much larger bump on my right side of my jaw than the left. He saw it, and was concerned. He sent me for an mri.

I just went for the mri last week. After a minute in the mri machine, I had a panic attack and wasn't able to get back in. I don't have a follow up visit with the oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

As of right now, my face feels horridly messed up. I think i've cracked my jaw one too many times, and it just feels really messed up. I feel like i've done permanant damage to myself. I felt this way before I went to the o&m surgeon, but as I said, he didn't notice a thing wrong with me.

I have no idea what to do. I have no pain, it just feels like the right side of my jaw is a rock and doesn't move. Again, I think i've messed it up in the past by putting pressure on it/cracking it/attempting to put it back into place.

Again, I have no idea what to do and am very very sad.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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replied December 13th, 2006
Well I have not had any experience with this situation, but I do get panic attacks and know what your going threw in that matter. Try not to focus on it. If you can schedual another appointment. Make sure there isnt any permenent damage. Keep your head up and smile. Thats all I can tell you sweety
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replied December 14th, 2006
Hello there,
i just read your posting about your tmj disease.
Me too was suffering of tmj. I probably tried everything out there to stop the pain, spent literally thousands of dollars for pretty much nothing until this one day.....
My dentist told me of this website tmj-help.Org. I bought their exercise program for about $60 and it totally changed my life. I am not saying all the pain is gone but I feel much better. I recommand it to everyone now because I know this program works and it's pretty cheap comparated to everything I did before!
Hope that helped!
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replied February 26th, 2007
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the worst thing that you can do is try to pop it in yourself---find a chiropractor that knows about tmd and ask for his help. you may want to find a neuromuscular dentist too. i sure that you will find help. bug those doctors out of their minds. i had to and it has gotten me far. there is help for you -----just stop trying to put it in because i fear that you are only making it worse. let me know if you need anything. to find a good nm dentist go to and enter your zip code.
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