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Fatty Liver Desease With Spleen Involvement - Anyone Else?

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I was just diagnosed with fatty liver desease. I was worried to hear that my spleen was enlarged as well as my liver. I am still in the process of major blood tests to rule out cancer. I am hoping for the best.

I was wondering if anyone out there has or is going through the same thing and what it has been like for you.
I am a 43yr old mother of a special needs child and am very concerned about what is down the road.

Anyone care to share their story with me?

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First Helper rdona

replied February 29th, 2008
liver desease
I can personally attest to a solution. I have been an alcohol abuser, to the point of being hospitalized twice. The last time, I was told my liver was failing. I was experiencing all the symptoms of desease: jaundice, hair loss.. etc. I quit alcohol immediately and began drinking antioxidant Xango mangosteen juice as a cleansing, improvement regamine. Now, only 3 months later, my blood test has came out as.. and I quote the Dr.: "... a miracle.. great & perfect with no problems at all".
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