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Twelve Key Questions Regarding Giving Up Smoking For Good

Twelve key questions regarding giving up smoking for good, using unique processes and strategies

solutions, answers, strategies and techniques that work, risk-free and without withdrawal or related discomforts!

Question # 1: when can you say that smoking is too much and which aggravating factors should be considered part of the problem and not the solution?

Question # 2 (a) : why can we or can we not stop smoking successfully and effectively – on our own, easily and with guaranteed outcome, discipline and sustainable results?

Question # 2 (b): how to effectively change (smoking) habits/quit?

Question # 3: why do we tolerate and/or even keep on smoking even when it makes us ill or kills? Why do we willingly opt for something harmful and deadly, despite being knowledgeable about its negative effects?

Question # 4: has the time come for us to take a long, hard look at what it takes to success, not fail at quitting smoking?

Question # 5: for quitting smoking, what works and what does not? Mastering and learning new habits?

Question # 6: how and why do we rationalize smoking, bad habits, not quitting (even not succeeding)

question # 7: taking a real hard look at money, financials, and answering how advertising, sales dollars and related expenditures are influencing, impacting, even ruining our changes of quitting smoking?

Question # 8: how can psychological principles and self-hypnosis techniques help/hinder your process of quitting smoking?

Question # 9: what about the role of self-managed, self-help and visualization techniques for quitting smoking… permanently?

Question # 10: what will it take to change attitudes and habits around and of smoking?

Question 11: what is the value and nature of a personal action plan for quitting smoking simply, easily, naturally, permanently?

Question # 12: how do we utilize and optimize alternative approaches for quitting smoking effectively? (visualization, self-affirmation, self-hypnosis, relaxation et al.)

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