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Odd Symptoms, Doctor Not Interested.


By my calculations I am supposed to be about eight weeks along, but have been having odd symptoms for the last week or so.

I am having sharp abdominal pains in the same place every so often, say once or twice a day. Interspersed with that are occasional period like cramps. Over the weekend I had a very small bleed, a flash of red then a little browner mucous. I have since had spots of the brown coloured mucous when wiping after using the loo.

My doctor wasn't overly concerned with this, but has told me to go back if I am worried.

Coupled with the fact that my initial pregnancy tests were a little on the faint side of positive and it took a week for my positive blood test to come back, I am starting to think that this pregnancy might not be destined to continue.

Now my feelings on this are incredibly mixed, as I am in an odd situation at home right now. I'm not in the best position to be pregnant, however losing the child through either miscarriage or termination (as my partner would like) will hit me hard. I am between the proverbial rocks and hard place.

Any advice on my symptoms would be very much appreciated.

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replied December 6th, 2006
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Well you sound like oyu do not want an abortion so let's not go there.

I would go to the er and ask for an ultrasound. Tel them you are having cramps and bleeding and they have to see you.

Good luck.
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