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Ovarian Cyst Pains a Year Later..


i haven't posted in a very long time. I was doing well up until about a month ago. Last year I had a cyst rupture on my right ovary, I know some women have had this happened and some havent. Well, I got a job about 3 months ago everything was going fine. No ovary cramping or pains what so ever, one day while at work I started having very sharp ovarian pains. I told my boss I needed to go to the doctor. He got kind of pissy and told me to bring him an excuse, I went to the doctor at the er, he told me he wasn't sure if I had another cyst rupture or not because they couldn't do ultra sounds at night. He wrote me some medication for infection, and gave me some pain medication, and also told me to take it easy the next few days. So I did. Well, about 2 weeks ago I started having very sharp ovary pains I went and saw my doctor, he told me I had pulled some muscles and ran some tests on my ovaries. Everything was going fine until about 4 days ago. Right before I was getting ready for work, I started having painful cramps and hurting really bad. I called in to tell my boss being a man of course he wouldn't understand.

So I called my doctor's nurse, and asked if I would ever stop having these pains. They told me they really couldnt tell me that because cyst vary. And also really had nothing to say about losing my job, over a health issue.

Can anyone give me some type of answer, I am being serious
Smile, my boss is trying to tell me that I am going to lose my job because I am having sever pains, that I can not help.

I am very worried I am only 18 years old, I know some may think that is very young, but I have seen posts from girls younger than myself with cyst.

Any answers are appreciated.

Thank you,

rinsha Smile
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replied December 6th, 2006
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So I guess no one has any information?
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replied January 25th, 2007
Pain Has Gotten Worse!!!
Confused I am 25 with two kids and I found out about 2 years ago that I had an ovarian cyst burst, it hurt like hell. I have found out that cancer runs in my family and I cant find a doctor that will help me due to my insurance... Can someone please give me some information on ovarian cysts???
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