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Free of Acne, Very Happy!

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I had acne for 6 years and I must of tried at least 50-60 different treatments before I found one that worked. I’ve been using skinb5 for 9 weeks, and my face is less oily plus my breakouts have completely stopped.

I’ve been using skinb5 whilst using a clay mask and i’ve found the combination to be brilliant. This regime has worked for me, so I would suggest giving it a chance. I drink skinb5 and use a clay mask 2-3 times a week, easy! I’m just happy to be acne free because it’s taken 6 years!!!!
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replied December 3rd, 2006
I may tell my boyfriend about his stuff because he has had acne for 6 years now and nothing seems to be working preperly it makes the breakouts slightly better than they would be but not by a lot
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