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My Experience Thus Far, Stevia, And a Question About Vertigo


i'm new to the forum and found it while looking for more info on hypoglycemia. I found a post from someone back in april that was experiencing symptoms and sudden hypos when her diet was pretty good. She also listed stevia as one of the things that they used in her home as a sugar substitute. I found out that was was causing my persistent hypo-state afew weeks ago. I stopped taking it and my hypo improved. So, I wanted to mention that first in case other people are having the same problem.

My question is around this lingering vertigo. I have been reading about how dizziness is a symptom, but they define dizziness differently than what I experience, which is a total vertigo like state, particularly positional vertigo, where if I maintain a steady position i'm ok, but sudden shifts or looking downward or upward for a more than a few seconds will launch the vertigo, a sensation of the room spinning around me, the longer I hold the position the faster the room seems to spin around me and this causes nausea and then vomiting if I do not hurry to correct the vertigo by looking for a stable position either in bed at night or while awake.

This is different than the dizziness and light-headedness that usually accompany the hypo attack.

Lately (and I know i'm guilty of insuing the hypo b/c I ignored my diet and ate and drank no-no's: carrot salad, with pinneaple and raisins, sugar based granola candy, and two glasses of wine at a dinner party, all in the same day). This caused the worst attack i've ever had, and I did it b/c my diet was working so well for months that I forgot about the condition and decided to give myself free reign for a day... Boy am I regretting it now.

It started with sudden vertigo, nausea, vomitting, on and off rapid heart beat, continued nausea now for 3 days and the vertigo won't go away. Even if for 3 days i've gone back to my protein and veggie diet, several smaller meals, the vertigo, unlike other times just won't go away.

Has anyone experienced vertigo as a companion of hypoglicemia?

I'm going to see an internist this coming week and will ask for a thourough evaluation, but i've been there before and doctors refuse to do any more than a fasting blood test and by then everything is ok.

I've been struggling with hypoglycemia for 20 years but now in my 40's it has gotten worse and more persistent, so my diet is more strict now.

I've always had the vertigo but never had it "stay" after all other symptoms improved.

Thanks for your input.

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replied December 2nd, 2006
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Slips like that will do it to you, you probably screwed yourself up for a few weeks. Is your eating okay other than that? After creating my diet and only about eight months later, I generally feel like i'm doing perfectly fine, healthier than before I first got sick. Can't say i've really had the vertigo, though I do remember it happening pretty bad once based on a position i'd lie in. It lasted here and there for a few days, but only if i'd lay on my left side. It directly correlated to how many carbs I was eating at the time. So stevia causes problems? Interesting. Do you know why?
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replied February 26th, 2010
I don't think stevia causes problems unless it is the products companies have messed around with. A lot of the bad rep stevia has is rumors. Here's a good comprehensive article on stevia and splenda that should help point you in a good direction sugarwise Smile
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