Hey guys

im a 24 year old guy living in constant fear it feels. My father died 4 years ago from ischemic heart disease, and for two years after I was fine. Around the second annirversary I had my first of many panic attacks, and things have quickly been going downhill, the last two years for me have been hell.

Starting with random panic attacks, leading to real anxiety problems, leading to me always thinking about my heart. The last year my life has been checking my pulse constantly just to check its ok. Ive seen over 6 different doctors, ive undegone 2 ecg's both with results showing a healthy heart, news that comforts me for a week maybe, then I fall back into the same old, and been put on anti-depressants for the last 18 months. I feel like the doctors look at my medical background, listen to what ive got to say, knowing that they are just going to tell me "its anxiety" and im fine.

Since then ive put on weight, due to myself not doing the sports I used to do, making love to my girlfriend like we used to do, all because of fear for increasing my heart too much. Whats played on my mind for the last year though is randomly ill get these hard thuds. I could be watching a film, or walking around in town or something and my heart will suddenly beat a lot harder than normal, its enough to stop me in my tracks and starts me panicking a little while. Of course this is sending me up the wall due to my fathers background, and im going around in vicious circles.

I dont know whats going on with me, and its controlling me and my life. I feel like ive lost the last two years, and its stopping me doing things I want to do.

Please will someone help, tell me what to do, is anybody going through what I am. Im scared out of my wits.

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replied December 11th, 2006
I know what it feels like cuz i've been through that a lot,but the more you think about it,you'll get scared n it'll makin it worse,altough its so hard for me to not think about it cuz its really bother me n it feels so damn bad,well I think you have to try to be more relax bcuz if you panic it'll get much worse
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