Heres my story kinda long but I have to get to the point

i had anxiety real bad in grade 12. I had panic attacks everyday I stopped going to school and didnt even show up to my graduation because I was affraid of an attack. Throughout that year I felt horrible and I was housebound.

I ended up meeting a guy who I am now with. In gr 12 he would always ask me to go out and I would think ( oh god I am gonna have an attack). I didnt want to lose him at all! If I lost him I had nothing else in my life that would make me happy! So no matter how I felt ( I never told him about my anxiety I was too embarassed) but anyways no matter how I felt I always went out, movies, dinner, shopping or whatever and all of a sudden over a couple months my anxiety was totaly! Gone! I ended up getting a job and going on trips overnight with no fear!

Then about 3 years later which is right now he got a job.I go to schoolat the moment but I feel alone because im so not used to being in the world by myself again. All we really do no is so just sit around a lot and dont go out because i'm tired from school and he is usually really tired from work and ends up falling asleep. My panic attack symptoms have come back now... Just like in grade 12 its terrible. I am at the point again where I feel housebound once again! Im soo stressed at school and all I do is go to school get stressed and go to my bfs and sit around. My brain is now programing everytime I go out im stressed because the only place I do go out is school and if I try to go out to the store or something my brain says danger danger!

The way to get rid of panic ( accoring to the lindon method) is to just go out no matter how you feel! Your brain will reprogram and say hey this is not dangerous. If you have been to the doctors and nothing is wrong with you.. Then there is probabbly not so dont worry. You have to go along with panic... Say panic here I come!!! Give me all you got.!!!! The more you are affriad of your symptoms the worse it will become.

Eventually when you keep going out again you'll say hey this isnt so bad? I didn;t faint last time in this situation....So why am I going to faint now? I did this before and I can do it again. Sooner or later you will feel 100 times better! I am convincing myself to go out again beacause after staying home with my bf and doing not much really I start to panic to leave home again so i'll try it again and you try to! Tell me how it goes
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