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Could My Mother-in-law Have Had An Anyeursm?

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My mother-in-law just died a week ago. The doctor's said that it was from heart failure. She was 53, a diabetic, and was overweight. She had not had any previous complaints of heart pain and visited the doctor regulartly. She was in her bedroom that morning and just fell unconcious. She continued breathing and had a pulse for about 5 minutes or so. Then the emt's arrived and her heart was racing about 2-3 times what it usually should. They shocked her, but were unable to get her heart to stop. They said that her heart just beat itself out. She was pronounced at the hospital less than 45 minutes later. I have been doing some research and I think that she possibly could have had an anyeursm. Does anyone have any ideas? I need to find out since I have three children. Could this possibly be something genetic?
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replied January 2nd, 2007
No, not an ansurysm, likely a heart rhythm disturbance caused by underlying ischaemic heart disease (she had multiple risk factore for this, the diabetes being the strongest).

Heart disease can run in families as can diabetes. You should ensure that blood pressure, cholesterol are checked rergularly, occasional checks for diabetes, good diet and exercise, avoid smoking.
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