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She Wants to Play Family With My Kids!

I have been divorced from my verbally abusive husband for about 2 years now. Immediately (4 days) after I left he started seeing a girl 10 years younger than us. They have broken up and reunited too many times to count. Now she wants to be "a part of" my daughters' lives. She has never met them because their relationship was "not serious". Now she is insisting that she be a part of my ex's family and he part of hers which includes my daughters. My daughters are only 5 years old and love everyone that talks to them. I am torn apart by this and am having so much difficulty dealing with this that I can't sleep and at night and I obsess about it all day long. I don't know why it bothers me as badly as it does. I wonder if anyone has had similar feelings in the same situation or if anyone can offer some advise. Please.
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replied November 26th, 2006
Heya hun.

Im so sorry for whats going on with you. Your ex's girlfriend has no right on seeing your daughter. Even if she never meet her too. It's going to upset your daughter and you so its a big mistake.

You need to talk to your ex about all this and sort it out with him. If you cant then take it to court and get it done that way but she has no right too be apart of your daughters life.
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replied November 29th, 2006
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Did she walk into a wall?

She sounds like a total idiot to me, I think in this case it would be in your daughters best mental health not to associate with the "other woman" personally I think you should bring it to court!

Im going through custody issues right now and its killing me so I understand the pain abit except I dont have another woman trying to play "mom" to my kids, that would send me into a rage!

Another thing to look into is seeing if you can get supervised custody when the kids visit their dad(if he was abusive.)
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