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Female Advice: Mother-and-daughter Relationship Questions

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How close is your relationship to your mother & vice versa? Do you two ever disagree or fight? Have you ever stopped associating with one another because it's so stressful & hostile?

If you have another sister in the picture, how is their relationship compared to your own? Are they closer? Do they get along better? Do you ever get jealous of the relationship they share?

I'm trying to understand mother-and-daughter relationships, esp. When another daughter is involved, because i'm so confused by my own situation.

Any advice or knowledge; any answer or another question to ask myself would be of help. I'd love to hear other stories! So please feel free to tell me everything.

My mother & I can't get along, regardless of how hard we try. I love her & I miss how we once were, but our relationship always seems to be on the rocks. We were the best of friends & now it feels like we're the worst of enemies. On top of it all, my younger sister [by 2-yr's] has a great relationship with our mother. They rarely ever fight & they never go without speaking to each other. I am so frustrated & stressed out. It's causing me to hate the idea & concept of what a family is: people to love you, accept you, & support you no matter what.

If you want to send me anything in relation to this post, please email me or im me: mischievousbabie.

I know mother-and-daughter relationships are the most influential relationships in a girl's life, but I also understand that they are the most complex & confusing. Help me to understand. Thank you! Smile
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