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February 25th, 2010
HI! yesterday at 9:15pm i took 3 cytotec pills orally.(I was 4wks preg). At 4:00am I woke up because I was having cramps. I went to the bathroom and when I sat on the toilet I saw blood. I didnt have heavy blood flow though. I was wondering if I should take more pills??
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replied March 7th, 2010
I took the medicine mysopretol orally yesterday evening. In 15 mins time I started feeling extremely weak, nauseated and severe pain in the abdomen.after half and hour i vomitted and I believe I vomitted the medicine with all the water that I had.after few hours i started with my bleeding. I had very little bleeding and more of giddyness .After that with cramps every now and then. It is more located towards lower left abdomen and not much on the right also the bleeding is very Sanitary Napking was enough for the entire day.
i am confused wether the whole mysopretol has come out with water .....
has anybody faced such experiance...i am really scared if it doesn't work...
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replied April 1st, 2012
i too need advice on this as ive vomited 20 mins after taking the misoprotol
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replied March 17th, 2010
I took the first pill orally on monday this stops any more growth. I bled a little yesterday. Today i went in to hospital at 9am to have 4 pills inserted vaginally they also gave me pain killers and an anti sickness pill before. I also had to have an injection because of my blood type. I left the hospital around 10am with my mum who drive me home i started to get awful cramps at around 10.15am. Which was awful as i was on a car journey that took 30mins to get back home i was in a lot of pain it was like VERY bad period pain. I then stubbled out of the car and into my house and layed on my bed. I started to bleed everytime i got up out of bed. I went to the toilet and had diahreoa then as i was pushing i felt what i thought must have been 2 blood clots as i kind of felt them pop out my vagina and into the toilet. I was in pain for hours and gettin out of bed when i could my mum made me some toast which made me feel a little better. The nurse called me at 1pm to see how i as doing and checked to see if i had passed blood had cramps etc. She then reminded me to dissolve 2 more pills under my tounge and take the pain killers she gave me. The pain killers finally kicked in and i fell asleep for an hour or more as my boyfriend rang me to check on me as he is at work. After i rest i felt alot better. Once minute im sort of ok the next im in pain but im just baring through it. Its now 6.15pm and im still gettin cramps and blood and im still not completely sure if i did pass clots earlier as it seem like they were when i was on the toilet. I just hope this has worked after all this pain. Im 20 and this was not the right time for me to have a baby. I saw earlier some women has posted an awful post on here saying we should all burn in hell cause of what weve done but honestly i am in no position to have a baby right now and im not just doing this for me but for the baby aswell. The docs have informed me that im very early 4-5 weeks and whats inside me is as small as a sesime seed and is not even living. I do feel bad cause i want nothing more tha to be a mummy but im not ready, emotionally, physically and financially why should we keep a baby cause of guilt and people that think we are doing wrong. We have the right to do decide this sort of thing as it a life changing decision. I hope all of you are okay now i was terrified about all of this and wouldnt like to go through it again but this is the right thing for me now and will be glad when all is over and i can get back to my life and in the future when the time is right i will be a great mummy. I wish you all the best and take care x
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replied March 22nd, 2010
could anyone tell me if my morning sickness will subside after i take the first Abortion pill?
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replied April 20th, 2010
my experience whit misoprostol

HI, i just did the abortion pill this past weekend and for you girls that are trying to do research on it TRUST me it HURTS!!! I WAS IN PAIN FOR 5 HOURS, i was told that the pain i had is the same as having birth contractions. i dont have kids but a friend told me is the same pain! i was devestated and on top of the HORRIBLE pain and got diarreah and vomitted. i swear it has to be THE WORSE DAY OF MY LIFE. its been 3 days and i''m still cramping and bleeding not as bad as that day when i took but pretty bad period cramps and dont know when its going to stop. DO NOT BELEIVE the doctor when he or she tells you that the pain is just like menstrual cramps IT IS NOT!!! i was about to call 911 and my husband was going crazy because i was on the floor crying of how painful it was. i would never have an abortion again whit misoprostol! OH and to top it off emotionally its worse. I LEARNED MY LESSON AND I WILL NEVER HAVE AN ABORTION AGAIN WHIT THIS PILL.I did the vaccum procedure and is just 3 min.
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replied May 7th, 2010
Abortion Pill was very gentle and painless!! I''m so relieved!!!
It was much more peaceful and gentle than I had thought.
I was incredibly scared of all the possible intense side effects- however a surgical termination certainly was not an option for me.
I am 31, have three children (natural V Births) has 1 miss and three surgical terminations)
with baby still breastfeeding- we were simply not ready for another child.
I felt responsible for my situation and felt i wanted to "own" my experience and for it to be as natural as possible so that my body and mind could react and respond accordingly.- Much better for the healing process all round..
I took the mifepristone tab and felt very emotional. I was crying and felt very sad. Within half an hour i felt very quiet and sleepy. When i got home i had slight blood spotting already. My temperature peaked and within two hours by basal temperature had dropped and I no longer felt "pregnancy hot". I went to bed and rested for the afternoon. emotionally exhausted- i rested and meditated.
Day two. i nervously did my housework and cooked for a couple of days for my three kids so i could rest.
at 12 i took two naprogesic -naproxen sodium (period pain tabs) and two mersyndol (9mg codeine and paracetamol)
I lit my fire very warm, made my room very dark and put meditation music on.
one hour later at 1pm I put the four tablets in my upper gums. I lay down very still and rested.
Just a quick note to let you know that postive thoughts and intentions go a long way. I focussed on the "lesson" learnt from being pregnant and the choice as to why i was aborting the pregnancy. I gave "thanks" to the spirit of the baby for reminding me to be motivated to finish my study, work hard save money and buy a home. I gave thanks for the increased intimacy with my partner on an emotional level. I asked for a quick, graceful, gentle pain-free process and "asked" the baby to leave quickly.
They took over an hour to dissolve. I had sips of water and had to swallow little bits at a time. I rested and was very very still. My partner kept checking on me and i would keep my eyes closed and simply nod.
I think this "stillness" alleviated any dizziness, nausea, and general feelings of feeling Bad.
When i moved i would feel slight cramping so i stayed very still and let my body do it''s job.
i watched a movie but mainly slept.
Within two hours i started bleeding a small amount.
within four hours it was gently constant but nothing to be concerned about.
i continued to rest and the cramping was kept to a minimum.
After three hours a felt very hungry. I was scared eating would induce nausea- however i realised i hadn''t really eaten in 30 hours due to nerves. I ate toast and a cup of tea and fell asleep again.
The night was very uneventful.

the next day I felt "achey" like my uterus was bruised. Getting in and out of the car made me aware, but I was incredibly pleased with the process. I felt blessed to have had such a gentle process and wanted to share this with other girls/mama''s who are reading this trying to make up their minds.
Good luck for your process.
I was prepared for the worst- but wished for the best and that''s exactly what i got.

have your friends, naproxen, codeine, bucket and blanket ready! Play your meditation music, stay warm, light your candles, get snuggly and take some codeine before eyou begin.
xxx Good luck!
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replied May 20th, 2010
Help no bleeding yet!

I've been looking around for some advice and guidance but can't really pinpoint what I'm looking for.
My girlfriend started taking the misoprostol pills today at 4. 4 at a time under the tongue every 3 hours. Did this until 12 pills were taken. She has the chills everytime right after and feels a lot of discomfort in her stomach as if her stomach was coming up. But its been 9 hours now and no bleeding.
We're very worried because no bleeding means its not working Sad
I'm very curious as to the times that bleeding occured for other women?
We are both very very worried that it will not work
Please give some advice
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replied March 28th, 2012
Some women don't bleed until 48 hrs later. Don't see how its possible. But they said some women dont
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replied June 16th, 2010
medical abortiom
i took my last dose of the pill yesterday and had no symptoms. It has now been 18 hours I have only expelled light blood since going to the bath room. Do you think I just need to give it more time?
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replied June 21st, 2010
Abortion pill - my experience 4 week pregnant
Hi Ladies. I want to tell you my experience with this since I read so many awful stories - I was freaked out.

After deciding to take the pill - I was injected in the arm with Methotrexate on a Monday (I was 4 weeks) - the waiting days in between were the hardest for me, mostly the guilt I feel... and after reading some forums I was worried about the pain I may endure.

Its 9pm Sunday and I just put all 4 pills in (Vaginally) as high as possibly with my husbands help... 1 hour I feel nothing, 2hours... not really any pain just uncomfortable I was told at the clinic to lay with my waste and hips flat for at the least 3 hours and to have an empty bladder so Im uncomfortable because of my position. its 1am and Im bleeding not alot of blood but small to medium size clots, still no pain. I have 2 young children I gave birth to both drug free and for other mothers experiencing this Id say the pain is a ONE as you know giving birth the nurses ask you in the H about the Pain - your pain is on a scale 1 to 10 - so Id say One - I couldn't sleep nervousness I guess so around 4am I go to the bathroom and a LARGE clot fell out and then a few more... no cramping no pain nothing. I had some blood on my pad very dark almost black. No pain nothing zero nada just bleeding. This is just the first 4 pills Ill do this again tomorrow at 9pm so Ill write again.
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replied June 22nd, 2010
Hi Ladies. I want to tell you my experience with this since I read so many awful stories - I was freaked out.

After deciding to take the pill - I was injected in the arm with Methotrexate on a Monday (I was 4 weeks) - the waiting days in between were the hardest for me, mostly the guilt I feel... and after reading some forums I was worried about the pain I may endure.

Its 9pm Sunday and I just put all 4 pills in (Vaginally) as high as possibly with my husbands help... 1 hour I feel nothing, 2hours... not really any pain just uncomfortable I was told at the clinic to lay with my waste and hips flat for at the least 3 hours and to have an empty bladder so Im uncomfortable because of my position. its 1am and Im bleeding not alot of blood but small to medium size clots, still no pain. I have 2 young children I gave birth to both drug free and for other mothers experiencing this Id say the pain is a ONE as you know giving birth the nurses ask you in the H about the Pain - your pain is on a scale 1 to 10 - so Id say One - I couldn't sleep nervousness I guess so around 4am I go to the bathroom and a LARGE clot fell out and then a few more... no cramping no pain nothing. I had some blood on my pad very dark almost black. No pain nothing zero nada just bleeding.

Next day 24hours later another 4 pills.

Well 9pm here we go again...

1am I checked nothing no bleeding not even from the night before... I go to sleep for the night. use the bathroom around 7am I see nothing not even spotting... 12 noon now panicking because I went pee and a very dark brown pill came out still full I felt something hard so I looked in the toilet... I freak out so I call the nurse at the clinic tell me to put it back in but I flushed it so I was told to call back in an hour I do this and a very educated lovely woman asks me a few questions and then tell me that the second set is just a precaution. and that everything I told her sounded like I completed it the night before. Its done. I go for my follow up in 2 weeks.

This was painless, some cramping but PAINLESS.
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replied September 19th, 2010
possitive abortion story
I had an abortion yesterday, i put the 4 pills in my vagina 10 mins later i got slight cramps so light i wasnt sure if i was imagining it. Half an hour later they where major, i have heavy periods anyway but these had me shaking, i went freezing. They where very painful and more like contractions, but if you truely want this then they are bareable, mine lasted about an hour an a half then got a little less, now mines like a very heavy period. The first lot of blood came after about half an hour, when they say clots, its a massive lump i passed about 4 of these which they said was tissue then another which i presume was the emrbyo they don't hurt coming out the pain is just right where you'd get period pains. Don't be scared, its painful but not so you cant cope, i didnt have any pain killers because when the contractions happened i was pretty sure a clot was coming, so wanted warning for getting to the toilet. I found rocking helped the pain and bringing my legs up. It dont last too long either. I was worried about privacy, i had my own room and was left pretty much alone apart from bp checks and when they wanted to check the passings. Today i feel fragile, but the anxiousness has gone so a whole lot better.
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replied November 24th, 2010
i took mifepristone on 22nd of october (17:30), took 4 misoprostol today on 24th of october (9:10), after about an hour i started to feel cramps, it wasnt that bad, but at 13:10 it was really bad, even ibuprofen couldnt help, the cramps lasted for about an hour (it was about every 2mins), after an hour i felt like a little explosion in my belly & then i couldnt believe but it was like my waters broke, as many experiences i read, i cant find no1 talking about it, so for me it was very weird, i even got scared, went to the bathroom, sit on the toilet & started to bleed, after few seconds i felt something coming out, i saw some blood clots & a baby, i knew that i have to expect to see a baby bcuz i was about 12 weeks pregnant. After that i didnt feel such pain, just blood clots, i guess it will stop after few days. I hope no1 will ever have to go though this or even wont wait till they are pregnant for 12 weeks, i guess thats why it was so painful for me
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replied December 9th, 2010
Hi Ladies. Just thought I'd share my story of misoprostol.

I found out at the end of October that I was pregnant. This being my first pregnancy me and my husband were very excited. We very much wanted this baby. Sadly after four ultrasounds my doctor found that my baby had stopped growing early on and said I'd miscarry soon. They left it up to me to miscarry naturally or to have a D&C. I decided that I wanted to let my body do it naturally.

A couple weeks passed and I began to bleed lightly the light bleeding continued for about a week. On the day of my next appointment I began to bleed dark red blood. They did another ultrasound and we could see that the gestational sac was still in the same place. My Dr said she thought I must be beginning to miscarry because of the dark blood. She gave me 3 200mg Misoprostol vaginally, she said that it would help me to pass everything. She told me there would be cramping and heavy bleeding. Within an hour I began cramping, I had already been bleeding since before taking the Misoprostol and I countinued to bleed. I had no nausea or chills, just strong cramping. At one point the cramping became very strong and I felt I needed to be on the toilet, blood poured out of me, it sounded like I was urinating, then I passed a big clot and the cramps began to lighten. I continued to bleed heavily and about an hour later the cramps became very strong again, this time I felt like I was going to faint, I laid on my back and elevated my legs, it helped to elevate my legs. Then I felt the need to go to the bathroom again and that's when I passed a even bigger clot. It's now been 3 days since taking the Misoprostol and I am still bleeding like a heavy period with some small clots and I have cramps now and then but nothing bad. I go back to see my Dr tomorrow to have a ultrasound, I'm hoping that the miscarriage is complete and I wont need a D&C. I'm also hoping that my bleeding will begin to slow down, I'm so tired of the bleeding.

This experience has been emotionally draining and very painful at some points. My taking the Misoprostol was not to have an abortion, I had already lost my baby and in the process of miscarring. I took the pills to help my body to pass everything.
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replied December 11th, 2010
i'm having medical abortion tomorrow and im scared
I'm having a medical abortion tomorrow...a little scared...
Hi all! I'm on here doing my research b/c I am scheduled to have a medication abortion tomorrow morning. I'm 27 years old and only about 5 weeks into the pregnancy. The main thing that I'm really worried about is the cramping. Will it be a little easier being that I'm only 5 weeks? Any pain meds that worked well for ya'll? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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replied December 12th, 2010
Hi Everybody,

Apologies if this seems a bet rude or out of the blue, but my name is Elaine and I am doing a masters in Journalism in DCU. For my thesis, I am making a radio programme about abortion in Ireland, what help is there for women both before and after an abortion in Ireland.

At one stage I was facing up to the prospect of having an abortion also, nobody ever knew only my boyfriend. I was just so confused and scared, did not know who to talk too or where to go. I ended up having a miscarriage though and this is the reason I have chosen to do a thesis on this issue, it is MASSIVE yet it seems to be swept under the carpet here and is still taboo.

I was researching online and came across this site. Are there any Irish girls out there willing to talk to me about your experiences?

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replied December 29th, 2010
Medical abortions really aren't that bad.
I had 2 shots of methotrexate injected into each butt check last Monday after a failed surgical abortion. That night i started to bleed a very dark (almost black) discharge. It stopped yesterday when I then had white discharge. It was almost like an ovulation discharge. During this past week my morning sickness had gotten so bad that everything made me nauseous and I could barely keep food down. And since I couldn't eat folic acid (the only foods that didnt make me nauseous) as it interferes with methotrexate, I was out of luck! Yesterday at 10:45am I had 4 tablets of misoprostol inserted vaginally. Within an hour I already had mild cramping. By 12:30pm I began getting stronger cramps so I took 1 600mg tablet of ibuprofen with a full dish of thai noodles and 3 glasses of water. I was so happy to find out that my morning sickness had gone away right away! My first blood clot was the size of a golf ball and it passed at 2:50pm. Then I had nothing but mild cramping until 5pm. I notice that when my cramps get extremely bad, I'm due for a blood clot release. At 6:30pm my blood clots started passing more regularly. I would say every 15 minutes or so I get very bad cramping. By 9pm I passed 4 Roma-tomato sized blood clots. Thank god it doesn't hurt when the blood clots pass. It feels like any regular period clot. The worst cramps happened around 11pm (~12 hrs after misoprostol was taken). I soaked up a full maxi overnight pad and it even leaked onto the bed sheets. I went to the bathroom and even more dark red blood came out with about 3 lime sized clots and maybe 4 dime sized clots. It it now 9am and I did get a full nights rest with only half a maxi pad soaked. Now my bleeding is only like my regular period. I don't feel tired but I do notice myself being a little more emotional. Good luck to all you ladies out there going through this. Just take deep breaths and make sure you have someone there to get things (food/water) for you. Also remember to ALWAYS take your pain meds with food. I usually take the pain meds in the middle of my meal. Taking pain meds on an empty stomach will cause nausea and vomiting. It will soon be over Smile
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replied January 4th, 2011
How long until I stop bleeding after the taking misoprostol
I took the misopristol by mouth on 11/25/10 today is 1/4/11 and I am still bleeding heavily. Is this normal? And when should I expect the bleeding to slow or stop?
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replied January 26th, 2011
Methotrexate/Misoprostol experience/concerns
I discovered that I was pregnant when i happened to go to the hospital for flu-like symptoms. It was a shock- I'd taken the pill at the same time every day for four years, and never, never thought something like this could happen to me. I'm only 18, I'm a good student who's only had one partner, and who's always taken precautions. My fiance and I decided that the best option was to terminate the pregnancy. I feel that if I had carried the baby full term, he or she wouldn't have been healthy, as you can't carry a baby with a heart full of resent, pain, and embarrassment. I feel that I made the right choice, but it was the most difficult one I've ever made.
In any case, I received the Methotrexate injection six days ago, and started my Misoprostol regimen last night. I've experienced severe cramping (maybe four to five times worse than my monthly period), as well as diarrhea, bleeding, and the passing of blood clots. The toilet and I have gotten to be good friends. I would like to know if anyone can tell me how they know they passed the pregnancy tissue. I passed a large clot earlier today, but only smaller ones since. I continue and finish my misoprostol tonight. Will it get worse? How can I handle the guilt and depression?
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replied January 28th, 2011
My Mtx/miso Experience- One of the "lucky" ones...
I wanted to share my experience since I came on this forum before I went through this process and it scared the bejesus out of me. I committed that, no matter what my experience was like, I'd come on and share my experience for the good of other ladies going through this.

I had the methotrexate injection at 5 weeks, 3 days since LMP. Two days later at 7AM, I inserted 4 misoprostol vaginally and sat back waiting for the hellish experience I was expecting to start. 4 hours later, I had some light cramping and there was blood on the tissue when I used the restroom. Throughout the day, still light cramping and blood when I would use the restroom, but nothing on the pad and no clots. Next day, I took a bolus of Castor Oil at the rec of a midwife friend and also went for a 3-mile run and had a few orgasms to try to spark the uterus into action. Still nothing but light cramping and blood on the tissue. Monday morning, the doc called in a script for 4 more misoprostol, inserted vaginally at about noon. Light cramps and light spotting (again, not enough to get onto the pad) throughout the day. Tuesday morning, I woke with about a quarter-sized drop of blood on the pad (the only pad I'd stain the whole process.) Wednesday morning, I called the doctor concerned it hadn't worked for me, but she sent me in for bloodwork and my HCG had gone from 4500 the day before the methotrexate to 400ish, so it had definitely worked. A week later, as expected, I was at 40. A week after that, I was at 7, and I just had an IUD inserted yesterday, so the process is over for me. The IUD insertion was worse pain than the misoprostol process was.

So, ladies, I know you are in a tough spot right now. I know you are scared. There's nothing wrong with preparing for the worst (heck, I'm left with an untouched cabinet full of hot pads, anti-nauseau meds, and Overnight-With-Wings pads I was expecting to bleed through one right after the other. I had a pillow and blanket all set to go in the bathtub thinking I'd be spending all day in there... it doesn't hurt to be prepared.) But know that this process has a range of experiences, and that you WILL get through this. I wish you all the best.
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replied February 11th, 2011
I am going through the abortion right now.

I took the first pill at the doctors office around noon. I still felt normal no blood no cramping. The second day I took the 4. dissolved them in my mouth for half an hour and swallowed them. I took the nuasua pill a half an hour before I took the second pill like they told me. about 20 minutes after I took the second pills I felt very sick my stomach was very nausuas. So I layed in bed. 35 minutes after that I threw up until I didnt have anything to throw up anymore. I fell asleep woke up with some pretty painful cramps they were spotty cramps not continues. I was bleeding alot ! So I sat on the can for about an hour and passed a few big clots with cramping. I went back to bed and woke up again with heavy bleeding the cramps werent so bad. went back to bed. When I got up in the morning (today) The bleeding wasnt as heavy and I havent had really any cramps at all. I tried eating something and 20 minutes later I threw it up. it is about noon I dont want to eat anything afraid I might throw up again. still bleeding but no cramps at all. I dont know if the pill worked or not, obvisally it did something because Im bleeding and I had cramping. But I had a miscarriage about a month ago and it was ten times worse than this. I had very very bad cramping for 4 days straight bleed very much.

So that is why im a little worried that the fetus may not have come out. I called the clinic to get advice they told me a nurse would call me back but she never did.

I have an appoitment at the end of the month but I need to know whats going on now. Bad Health care I have to say. Im going to call the clinic back in a couple hours in they dont contact me.

I just thought I would share my overall experience with you guys. Im pretty worried, because I want to be able to have children in the future and I read about some women who took the pill and cant have children now.

So Im pretty scared!
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