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Hopeless People Take Hearts Again!

I'm vasiliy sergeev, the author of unique medicinal remedy “balm sergeev”.

Briefly about myself:
since 9 years old during 30 years i’ve been suffering hematogenian osteomyelitis (bone decay).

Official medicine was not able to help me.
Disease prognosis was: sepsis, kidneys repudiation and lethal outcome.
The only one way out to avoid this was to make an attempt to cure myself apart from traditional medicine. By empirical approach on the basis of medical science dzhud-shi I managed to create remedy due to which i’ve cured myself from untreatable illness.

Having done it to myself I decided to help other who suffer osteomyelitis but “balm sergeev” turned out to be a remedy from other “incurable” diseases:

and what’s the most astonishing – oncological diseases up to the 4th degree.

Within 16 years of practice there were thousands of recovery cases and a lot of letter from ex-diseased and their relatives.

There are research results of kiev municipal central immunology laboratory, examination of st. Petersburg institute of physiological problems, conclusion of crimea sanitary epidemic institute.

More detailed information you can find on my page

best regards
sergeev v.
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