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Optimal Nutraceutical Meal Replcement Shake

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"optimal” works because it was not created to “supplement” your dietary needs like most of the programs currently available on the market. There is a science behind the development of “optimal” and that scientific research and development created a “complete” product for you. “optimal” delivers 100% of the required nutrition that your body is craving in a convenient pre-packaged meal. This “shake” is a complete and well-balanced meal loaded with the optimal nutrient requirements and it delivers this for only 160 calories. You need to understand the “psychology” of a weight loss program in order to successfully complete one.

Convenience, if it isn’t easy to follow a program, you won’t.

Complete, it must be a (1) step process or too many will fall short.

Well-balanced, if the body is missing something, it will crave it.

Total calories, the program must successfully reduce the calories you consume.

Your body requires certain nutrients in order to function properly. If you are depriving your body of these basic nutrients, then it will crave these nutrients. These cravings will manifest themselves by triggering hunger pains for the foods that your body is accustomed to getting on a regular basis. This is the problem with traditional “diets”. You begin a new program for weight loss and the 1st thing they do is “restrict” your food intake. You are given an eating program with too many restrictions or changes and your body cannot handle it, so it is a “constant struggle” for you to stay focused and committed. If you were providing your body with 100% of its daily nutritional requirements, you would not be suffering thru those cravings (the #1 reason why the average person quits and fails their weight loss program). Why does this program work compared to all of the others? This program is not a “diet”!

Whether you are looking to lose a “stubborn” 10lbs. Or need to make some wholesale changes and lose 30lbs. Or more, the optimal meal replacement shakes will get the job done for you.

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