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Headaches Everyday All Day Still After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hey all,
for what must have been 10 years I was stupid enough to think "when I get headaches I always feel it in my wisdom teeth first"
well stupid me finally went to oral surgeon and I had 2 partial impacted wisdom teeth and one fully impacted and infected one (lower)

i had gone to him because I had headaches all day everyday, I tried stopping caffeine, I tried taking alergy medicine..
Same deal, just these really horrible headaches, kinda like from my lymph nodes to my temple and between my eyes, side of my head,,,,

asprin makes them go ahead for well, 4 hours...
Same with ibuprofin
so I dont mean to be funny but if it were inoperable brain cancer from planet pluto would a aspirin help?

Anyway, had the wisdom teeth taken out, did the whole antibiotic thing the 8 days after were just awful, on vicodin and ibuprofin and mashed potatos, blah blah blah

its about 4 weeks later now and guess what headaches are the same, never changed

went to doc and we even tried not taking any pills for it to rule out a "pain pill headache" that actually is thing (amazing) but nope...Not it

so long story short (to late), anybody have any stories of really long recoveries or stuff like that pertaining to this?

Here is the semi good news, I swear when I do have the headache (which happen when I get my timing wrong on the ibuprofin) if I push on the spot where the infected worse impacted wisdom tooth was, it seems worse..

Meaning it feels local...But I dont know if this is just because my whole head hurts...Know what I mean?
As in, if I got it by a truck and I pressed on my knee and it hurt, it might not be the knee pursay

anyway, any help or insight would be great
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First Helper tls06390

replied January 19th, 2008
Same thing for me here
I have had the exact same problem, and i think it might be the caffeine, because I have stopped it for some reason, and I believe when i do drink it, about a few hours later I suprizingly feel a lot better, but i am not sure. I will wake up everyday with the worst headache, and I would pop like 3 ibuprofens and then take some more about 4 or 5 hours later. But I have heard that it is bad for your liver.

I know this might just be me, but in my mouth my gums are peeling from my teeth, and this very nasty taste, I am not sure exactly what it is, but every time I eat or run my tongue across it, I get one of the nastiest taste I think I have ever tasted. I think it might be blood, but I am not sure.

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replied January 24th, 2008
have you ever check your sinuses? have you tell your story to an ENT?
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replied January 25th, 2008
I found out what it was
The nasty taste in my mouth was something they put in my gap where they removed the tooth and it has a very unique taste to it, but I now use a suringe and put hot water in it and that flushes out that stuff from the flap on my gums.

I also believe the headaches I was having was from the caffeine withdraw, because those days I could not do anything after my wisdom teeth I could not get caffeine, but it is all better now..

I hope that this helps anyone who need this information.
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replied January 28th, 2008
Cluster Headaches
I was on here trying to find out about numb gums when I saw your post.

I have had probs for years with nasty headaches on right side of my head.

It turned out that I have cluster headaches.

have a look at this site:

I hope this helps.
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replied October 23rd, 2011
Wisdom teeth removal, Headache
I jsut got my wisdom teeth out last week, it's been 8-9 days, and i still have a reall strong headache when im not taking ibuprofen, and want to know if this is normal.
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replied November 26th, 2011
Chronic daily headaches syndrome
Salycilate allergy. Definatley. I felt like i'd rather end it all than stay the way I was, convinced I had a brain tumor. There isn't too much talk of salycilate allergies in the US but it's real. Ibuprofen and asprin are actually a salycilates and may take the edge off a headache for a couple of hours only to leave a bad taste (sometimes metal like or medicinal) Salycilate intolerance comes with some other beautiful body dramas like dry eyes and mouth, irritable bladder/bowel, flushing, nightmares, sleep difficulties, heartburn, excessive tiredness, to name a few. I also have problems with my tmj which was worse after my wisdon teeth were pulled out too. I'm not completely headache free but before it was all day everyday for 2 years so I can live with once or twice a week.
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replied December 17th, 2011
I had my wisdom teeth removed 11 days ago and I still have some tenderness. Although the headache I have been experiencing are getting worse. I normally do not get headaches..maybe 1 a month. My sinuses are clear and ears are fine. Pain is in my forehead all the way down the front of my head, as far back as the front of my ears. I didn't use much Vicodin after the surgery but that seems to be the only thing that can ease the pain. Think it's tome to visit the Dr.
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replied October 9th, 2013
I had the two teeth pulled, that are just behind the canine teeth, on the top, yesterday.
The gave me Halcian to take before the appointment, and they used novacaine, everywhere...even on the roof of my mouth. They also gave me a script for amoxicillian, but nothing for pain. When the novacaine wore off, my whole face hurt and I had the WORST headache that is also in my eyes. I literally just sit with my eyes closed and an ice pack on my head.
All my teeth ache, but there is no bleeding or swelling.
Is the headache from the halcian or all the tugging and pulling? (tons of side effects from Halcian, and one is headache) How can you decipher?
I was suppose to have an implant put in, but he said he needed to "graft" it because there was not enough bone.
Thanks for any opinions on when this headache/eye-ache will go away.
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replied October 10th, 2013
Community Volunteer
Hi Jahmayka...I, too had problem with the headaches and pain....I, too, used the ice pack...It felt like they pulled teeth out on both my upper and lower jaw....However, in the end you will feel a lot better...Take care...

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replied November 13th, 2013
Severe headache/migraine after 2 lwr wsdm teeth ext 7 days later
My head feels like it is going to explode, I can feel pulse throbbing through my whole head, dizzy, off balance, neck pain and tension. I went to oral surgeon yesterday, she was perplexed, everything looks great, they removed stitches and told me to call regular dr. I went to chiropractor, and it was relieved for an hour...
I was prescribed oxycodone and on third day this weird awful headache started, so only took 1 on 4th day, then stopped altogether in case a reaction to pain meds???
I have never had migraines or reaction to oxycodone, but I have never taken more than 1/day before. It should be out of my system since none in three days, but misery persists and I stay in a darkened room as light and noise effect my head.

Please Help
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replied August 4th, 2016
for tls06390--

Hi! did you ever figure out what was happening?! I hope you feel better by now, as this was posted a while ago. I am having the same exact situation, especially light sensitivity and had a strange reaction to oxycodone. it's driving me crazy! The chiropractor sounds nice though. good idea Smile

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