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Prescription Drugs - Do They Help?

I am bulimic and currently in therapy for it and depression. My therapist referred me to a pshyciatrist who she wants him to prescribe me paxil 12mil. Has anyone ever taken this with their disorder and if so, has it helped or not?
Do you know of any other meds that may help other than paxil?
She says it will help with the obsession over food. Any response will be great. Thanks.
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replied November 23rd, 2006
Hi sara! After battling bulimia for 12 years (with a 5 year break in between), I have just started on generic prozac 5 days ago. Too embarrassed to admit my ed to my family doctor but at the point where I know my health issues have escalated, I researched myself the recommended drug for bulimia. I found fluoxetine (prozac) to be the recommended drug and in fact, it includes "bulimia" in it's description for uses. I ordered a generic version (on a tight budget! Haha!) from an online pharmacy where I did not need a prescription. The recommended dosage for bulimia is 60mg per day so I started taking 40mg (thought it better to start a lower dose and if it works, then stay there). I am thrilled with the results! In the last 7 years, I have basically been unable to go a day without bingeing and purging an average of 3 times per day. I am now on day 4 of none! I had a minor slipup my fist day on the medication. It's hard to describe how it's working, but I have lost the interest to binge. I'm not obsessing about the food in my kitchen (i work out of my home so that made it really hard!). And when I do eat a normal meal (what I allow myself), I don't have the urge to continue eating once i'm done. I am now so very hopeful that I am finally on the path to recovery. I've always wanted to stop, just seemed to need that extra push that I feel I have found in the medication. I'm sure it may not work for everyone, or different medication may work for different people, but I though i'd share my experience. I don't plan on being on it forever, just long enough to break the cycle of bulimia and get me into recovery. Good luck!
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